Top 35 Highest Paying Freelance Translator Websites-Earn To Translate Online

Top 35 Highest Paying Freelance Translator Websites
Top 35 Highest Paying Freelance Translator Websites

Top 35 Highest Paying Freelance Translator Websites-Earn To Translate Online


Technology has made things easy for us. Somethings which were impossible for the people has been made possible through modern techniques. In old days, communication with the person of another language was very difficult.

But nowadays, there are lots of software used by many websites to translate any document from one language to another. Some of them are even for free and you can do it with one click.

However, they will not be accurate and will probably give you the wrong meaning. So many companies still need humans for this work. So today’s our topic is for those persons who know more than one language fluently.

One who can understand and write well two or more languages? one language must be English because 99% websites offer English as the first language for translation. You can earn more than $200 from translation per month, which is quite good.

The more you have experience, command over languages, the more you will earn from translation. If you want jobs from these sites then you must have to give a test before the job.

These sites want to make sure that you are eligible for the job or not.they will see that how the precise is your translation.if you will pass the test, you will be selected for the job.



You can do this job as a part-time or full-time. If you think you can translate any document from one language to another, then this article is for you.

Here you will find Top 35 Highest Paying Freelance Translator Websites. Where you can utilize your skill to earn money.




  • Fluency in both languages
  • Most companies offer home based jobs so you need a laptop or computer with an internet connection
  • Most websites will ask you to complete a sample task first, then you will get projects.


 Top 35 Highest Paying Freelance Translator Websites:


Unbabel is one of the most trusted sites for translators.this site supports 28 the top of top 35 highest paying freelance translator websites.

More than 50000 freelance translators are working all over the world. You can join this site as a beginner. You just have to sign up for free. If you are beginner they will pay you $8 per hour.

Experts can earn $18 per hour from this site. Here you will get the source and AI-generated piece of translation, which will help you.

One can translate a project by using their mobile app. Payment methods are PayPal and skrill. They pay every week.



This website is also one of the best and legit sites for freelance translators. Here you will find language professionals, translators and also interpreters. you can submit your CV here to get a job. If you will fulfill their requirements then they will select you and give you projects.

Here site will not block your email contacts. So you can contact the clients and can earn money from home.Payment options are PayPal,skrill,western union,and money gram international.



Here you can start your career as a translator. There is 2 type of membership: paid and free one. In free membership, you can not bid while in paid one you can.

You just have to give your information correctly. Once you will fill your profile ass a translator. They will admit your profile to their directory.

Here you can contact your clients through email address. You can bid on translation jobs. Once you will complete your projects, you will get more opportunities to earn more money through this platform.

One of the bad thing about this site is that, you will have to get payment from your client by will not be responsible for the payment. You have to discuss with the client outside the site about payment.



It is one of the best and fast growing online translating service provider site. It has a high-quality job portal. You will get work like the book, CV, Birth certificate and many other document translation.

So if you are good with this type of work then You can join this platform.You just have to register and you will start earning money by translating projects.There are more than 600000 translators.

More than 75000 clients with more than 90 projects for translation.Payment is sent to the members through the PayPal account.



This is one of the largest markets for translators. And at the 5th number from our list of top 35 highest paying freelance translator websites. Here more than 800000 translators are registered. This site is one of the largest directories of translator service providers.

One of the best thing about proZ is that it does not take any fee or commission for clients.Register for free and get the opportunities of the largest marketplace for translating professionals.

Payment will be made in your Proz wallet and Proz does not charge any processing fees.



Here you can find freelance translators, the agencies and the clients too. They publish new projects on their homepage.You can visit the homepage 4 times a day.

Whenever you will see the concerned project you can send your portfolio to the clients.You must have Your own profile page with www address.



If you are an expert in more than one language than you should join this platform to earn some extra money. Here you will find more than 10000 professional translators, which are working in 34 different languages.

You will find new jobs at the homepage and you will get job alerts via email. They offer $0.03 per word/$0.018 per character (e.g. Japanese, Chinese). Payment methods are PayPal and skrill.



It is one of the fastest growing agency for translation projects. This platform offer projects for more than 75 languages. There are more than 15000 professionals from more than  100 countries.

One Hour Translation will give you about one hour to complete 200 words in the documents. You can work here about 8 to 10 hours day.

You can register for free. The rate for General translation in this group is 5.4 cents/word. Minimum payout is $ can withdraw your amount through paypal account.



Here more than 40000 freelance translators are registered. You can sign up for free if you know two or more languages. Payments depend on the language you are working in.



Here you will find tasks for translation of blogs, support ticket, social media posts, etc. You will have to be active here,becauase tasks are given to those who come first. You will be paid through paypal account.



This is also one of the highest paying sites. Here one can earn $5-7 per word for translation. They also have Captioner and Transcriptionist jobs. Payment option is Paypal. Payment is paid on weekly basis.



One of the most important site from our list of top 35 highest paying freelance translator websites. Here you can work only if you have knowledge of app development. In this site, you will find jobs only for those who can translate apps in different languages. You will get notifications for new jobs. Payment method is PayPal.



This is also the best translating company which offer jobs to translate proofreading and web content writing jobs. You can earn 15 cents per word. You can withdraw your amount through PayPal.



This is one of the oldest platforms for translation.they are working from 40 years. This site has a software platform known as Unify Technology.this software has been used by approximately 3000 linguists all over the globe. The registration process is simple.



This site is best for localizations services and also they offer business translations. they offer translations in 60+ languages. Here you will find hundreds of new projects every day. You can earn good money from this site.



This agency is based in Florida. It provides transcription to law enforcement agencies and government. They offer job only to US citizens. The main point of this site is to hire translators who can speak native English. The site gives them jobs to translate into English from other languages. a


It provides business translation services to its clients. They also offer a desktop publishing division. The main work of this is to take the translated documents and produce finished brochures. Abardeen has headquartered in Canada. and hire translators around the world.



This site offers business translation emphasize on quality. You can visit their site to find out about opportunities. You just have to submit your resume to the given email address of this website. They will contact you if you will be qualified for the job.




One of the best site for freelance translators. Here you will find many jobs for translators. Here you will find lots of jobs. You have to select that job which suits you.



Here you can find different jobs like localizations services and translations jobs. In this website you can contact your clients through video call, face to face or even through mobile phones.


They have more than 10000 registered interpreters.they offer huge translator jobs. Registration is very simple. You just have to sign up for free and fill your profile.



Globalink is about healthcare. Here you will find jobs about psychological, medical and pharmaceutical translator jobs. You can contact them by fax, email or even cell phones and can fill out your information about yourself online.



This is also one of the most important platforms for translators. More than 8000 translators workers are working with the site. This site offers jobs for legal, publishing, IT and other departments. They require a bachelor’s degree and 2 years experience, as well as you must have an email address.



Here you can work as independent contractors.They require a higher education degree and 3 years experience.If you will fulfill their requirement they will contact you.



PI hire translators for the government, business projects, and health issues. and here you can also help deaf persons. you can contact through mobile phones, video chat or through on-site.



It is a different website from above mentioned. It covers many fields like data entry, copywriting translation etc. At clickworker, you will find more than 700000 workers. Here you can register and have to take an assessment to get a project for you.



They have automated translating addition, they also offer the paid translation.You must have 2 years experience to apply for SDL translating jobs.If your profile will fulfill their requirement they will give you projects.



Here you will find lots of jobs. You can earn some extra money by doing translation here. For translation, they ask for a cover letter and resume. Here you can work as a translator as well as an on-site interpreter.



This site is at 29 number from our list of top 35 highest paying freelance translator websites. They offer professional translation, in addition to, computer translation service.

It divides translators into two categories-generalist and the specialist. You can apply here if you have 5 years experience and membership in a professional association with a higher degree.



This is one of the most important translating agency. Here they receive assignments from all over the world. You have to pass an initial test. If you will pass that test you will get projects and it will be up to you to accept or reject any tasks.

When you will accept any job they will give you document, you have to download it, translate and upload that document. Once the client will accept your work. You will be paid.



They offer a translation job for apps, games and have to register for free and complete your account information. Then you can get tasks from this website.



This website is one of the most famous freelancer sites. We have mentioned Fiverr in other articles also. And again we will include this site into our top 35 highest paying freelance translator websites.

Here you have to sign up for free and complete your profile. The more ratings you will gate the more you will earn from Fiverr.



It is also one of the most trusted sites on the internet. It is the combination of two and can work here as a freelance translator and can earn some dollars for you.



Here is the same process for applying. You have to register for an account. Complete your profile and start work.



At the last from our list of top 35 highest paying freelance translator websites. Here you can register for free. You will get tasks from clients through this site or outside the site. You have to submit your profile and client will contact you if you will fulfill their requirements.



This was all about the topic top 35 highest paying freelance translator websites. Freelance translation job is not a fixed job. You must have command of bilingual to do this work. You can earn $10 or $100 for tasks.

It depends on your experience, demography, quality of work, and degrees and certificates you have. You can get simple tasks of email translation or can get a difficult one.

The more difficult a task the more money. To become a certified translator will increase your chances to get more projects and earn more money. There are many training institutions which offer certificates to translators.

The American Translators Association(ATA) is one of the most trusted and respectable associations for the certificates of freelance translators. You can start a full-time translator if you have this certificate.





Hope you will like our work. any suggestion or question can be asked in the comment.









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