101 Best Freelance Writer Websites That Pay High For Writing

101 Best Freelance Writer Websites That pay High For Writing

Best Freelance Writer Websites That pay high for writing
101 Best Freelance Writer Websites That pay high for writing

Today we are going to discuss one of the best ways to make money online.through this method, one can earn as much as he/she wants to earn.you can earn more than $500 easily per month.you just have to write about a topic of your interest.

There are many topics you can write on.as cities, restaurant, world, food, recipes, health, science, entertainment and more.So if you have the ability to write well about any topic, then I assure you this post is going to change your career life.there are many sites which are looking for your skills of writing and they are willing to pay you well according to your skills and experience.

The more you have experience of writing the more you are going to earn.you can earn $15 to $130 per topic.we have already some of the basic things needed for writing in our post from where you can learn too,

Top 50 Highest Paying Article Writing Websites

so let us start our topic of the best freelance writer websites

101 Best Freelance Writer Websites That pay High For Writing


A List Apart:

this is one of the highest paying article writing websites. That is why we have listed at first number in our Best Freelance Writer Websites.A List Apart specializes in website development and web content.

They want to bring awareness and fresh content to designers, developers, and the huge demand for bold and interesting content for the web. If you are a writer then Visit the website to submit your original idea for review.

  • Pay: $200 per each 1,500 to 2,000 word original article
  • Topics: website code, content, design, development, web standards, website content, industry/business, and best practices



Abroadio: (CLOSED)

If you like traveling and adventure life then this site is for you.Abroadio is looking for people who want to share their amazing experiences and unique adventure activities while visiting underrated travel locations. Writing samples are required.

  • Pay: $60.00 for 1500 words via Paypal
  • Topics: Underrated travel destinations and unique adventure activities. Fun and unusual activities experienced Malang, Indonesia – Bali, Indonesia – Cusco, Peru – and Yucatan, Mexico.

Alaska Parent:

Basically, Alaska Parent is a magazine that focuses on parenting tips and resources. The full-color magazine is free as Alaska’s exclusive, all-in-one parenting resource.

Their readers include expectant moms and parents with children ages newborn through teens.So if you think you can write to them then go ahead.

  • Pay: Original articles pay from $40-$200, while reprints pay from $25-$40.
  • Topics: Parenting and family topics including health & wellness, education, pregnancy, enrichment activities, nutrition, technology, special needs, green living and topics for children from newborns to teens.




Craftbits would like to feature your creative project ideas. First, you submit the idea. Once approved, you will submit step-by-step instructions and at least one image of the finished product.

  • Pay: $35 for accepted and published submissions. Complex projects and fees can be negotiated.
  • Topics: Crafts and other creative projects.

Creative Loafing Charlotte: This is a community-based website.Creative Loafing Charlotte is in search of the next great story. If you are local to the Charlotte area and can write about the local flavor.Then you should contact them.

  • Pay: $10 for blog posts, up to $500 for complex cover features
  • Topics: Interesting reads in the form of a profile, review, investigative piece, polemical essay or a well-reported story about a local.

Daily Heckle: One of the Best Freelance Writer Websites.The Daily Heckle is a community of bloggers who provide content with a taste of controversy, humor, facts, news, sports, lifestyle, movies, music, history, and literature. They accept content from newbies as well as seasoned bloggers.

  • Pay: You have to provide a 300-word sample post (to review your writing style) and then, upon acceptance of further work, pay is: $7 to $30
  • Topics: Controversy, humor, facts in sports, lifestyle, movies, music, history, and literature.

Dallas Single Mom: If you have the ability to write a unique story to tell on the topic of parenting/single parenting, time-saving tips, family travel, life balance, family lifestyle and more then do not forget to search this site.

  • Pay: $25 to $150 per submission.
  • Topics: Family, travel, parenting, and more.

Desert USA : This site is looking for 1200-1500 word articles that focus on adventure, travel, desert lore, southwest arts and crafts, natural (wildlife) history and cultural history in North American desert regions.

  • Pay: $50 for each article + 3 to 5
  • Topics: North American desert.

Doctor of Credit: This site is a little bit different from other sites.They choose writers to give a different perspective on deals and consumer credit.

Looking for writers with a legal background to help consumers understand their rights when it comes to credit. Critical thinkers with the skills to write about manufactured spending as well as locating credit card issuers and deals.

  • Pay: $50 for each published piece
  • Topics: Consumer credit.

Dorkly: Another Best Freelance Writer Websites which ask writers to draft articles on topics on anime, movies and many more. You should Check out the site for types of topics covered.

  • Pay: They pay $35 for a single page and $75 for multipage.
  • Topics: Pokemon, Batman, Fallout, Skyrim, Marvel, Nintendo, TV.

Ecommerce Insiders: This site is for that person who can write about economics and business.They need writers to create content that is educational with “how to” tips and tactics, or commentary on industry news or trends.

  • Pay: $75.00-$150.00 depending on the length.
  • Topics: Anything ecommerce; loyalty, marketing merchandising, design, operations, fulfillment and more.

Everyday Life: Also known as, “EveryDayWindshield” is an online magazine on a variety of topics including faith, family, fashion, food and more.Here you can find variety of topics to write.That is why we have mentioned this site.

  • Pay: $10 for the first post, $25 for the second to the fifth posts, and then $50 for each post
  • Topics: Faith, family, fashion, food, and fun.

Flywheel/The Layout: The Layout is a WordPress design publication seeking writers with knowledge about WordPress. Writers must have industry experience, basic grammar knowledge, and a positive, informative voice.

  • Pay: Up to $150 per
  • Topics: You submit a topic suggestion or write about a topic they’ve.

All Custom Content: One of the Best Freelance Writer Websites.All Custom Content is an online ghostwriting company providing quality writing service to satisfied clients since 2007. They are searching for freelance writers who can write articles, emails, reports, ebooks, blog posts and more.

They’re also in need of skilled editors that can are comfortable with fact-checking, light rewriting and who understands grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and so forth.

  • Pay: Unlisted
  • Topics: Current top needs include business, marketing, social media, SEO and technology, health, self-help, home improvement, travel, and finance. Feel free to submit your application along with your topic(s) of interest and if an immediate need is not available, you will be put on a waiting list.

Asian Correspondent: This site is for journalists, writers, and bloggers interested in Asian news and current affairs. If you love one of the following countries, you are invited to apply; Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines or Vietnam.

  • Pay: Unlisted
  • Topics: Asian news and current.

Funds for Writers (FFW): Since 2000, the mission for FFW has been to provide outlets for writers to receive pay for high-quality writing. They provide higher pay for original content and the rights to your content are returned to you after 30 days.

  • Pay: $50 for unpublished original articles; $15 for reprints via PayPal. If you need a check, they deduct $5 from your
  • Topics: Articles on how to tap into various writing markets, successful grant stories, unique writing income ideas, profitable tips on creating income as a writer and more.

Athlon Sports: If you can write about football then apply for this site. To apply to this site you have to complete the form and then you can start working with this site.They pay good rate to writers.

  • Pay: Unlisted
  • Topics: NFL and College football.

AuctionBytes-Update: AuctionBytes is searching for 100-500 word articles to educate buyers and sellers on conducting online auctions more efficiently.

These could be how-to articles, reviews, tips and more. In addition, they’re looking for stories about collectibles. From coins to pottery and anything in between.

  • Pay: Pre-negotiated fee for regular articles. $20 for stories about collectibles. No compensation for opinion
  • Topics: Online auctions and collector items.

GloHoliday: very famous and Best Freelance Writer Websites.It is a travel site covering Europe, Asia, the Americas, Africa, Australia and the Caribbean, reaches thousands of unique visitors on a monthly basis through 103.000 social media followers and 1.300 mailing list subscribers. While Gloholiday allows up to 5 of your own original images in each article, images are optional.

  • Pay: $40 for 800 to 1500 word article, edited and $3 per image
  • Topics: Travel resources – anywhere in the world including festivals, holiday destinations, hotels, flights, and travel.

GradHacker: They are seeking current graduate students who are interested in writing about professional tasks, reviews of software/hardware, pedagogical challenges and solutions, wellness related topics, family and personal issues, and productivity. Or if you have a story you want to share, or a challenge you faced and have a solution for said challenge.

  • Pay: Writers accepted for a more permanent presence on the site are paid an unlisted amount.
  • Topics: Anything related to the life of a graduate student.

Guns.com: This site is searching for writers with a love for and knowledge of guns and ammo, the Second Amendment and the shooting lifestyle.

  • Pay: Unlisted and based on quality and applicant merit.
  • Topics: Guns, ammo, second amendment and shooting lifestyle.

Halifax Media Co-op: Halifax Media Co-op is looking for content that focuses on Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada. They enjoy receiving news from the perspective of marginalized communities, including, but not limited to: people with disabilities, immigrants and refugees, workers, Black communities, First Nations communities, LGBTQ people, and those living in poverty.

  • Pay: $75.00-$125.00.
  • Topics: Any related to Nova Scotia and/or Atlantic Canada.

Duffel Blog: Duffel Blog is searching for writers with military backgrounds, a great sense of humor, can write above a third-grade level, respond positively to editorial critiques of their work and can consistently deliver great articles.One of the Best Freelance Writer Websites

  • Pay: Unspecified flat rate per article
  • Topics: Funny military topics.

Capitol Startup: Capital Startup is a Washington DC startup publication and one of the Best Freelance Writer Websites.they are seeking contributors to share local news and business insights. Submissions can be one-time or ongoing.

  • Pay: Unlisted
  • Topics: Washington DC local business news and insights.

Cincinnati Parent: very much interesting site and one of the Best Freelance Writer Websites. Cincinnati Parent is searching for local flavor topics of interest to parents in the Cincinnati, OH area. Topics may include things to do in the area, parenting concerns, and more.

  • Pay: Unlisted but based on assigned word count
  • Topics: See website calendar for specific events and topics.


Industrial Scripts: Industrial Scripts is seeking contributors who have a solid working knowledge of the film industry, who want to become a screenwriter, author or filmmaker.

If you spend time studying classics, looking for trends, details, interesting character developments, effective plot points, this might be a great job for you.

  • Pay: $46 for 1,000+ word articles. $76 for 2,000+ word articles
  • Topics: A variety of topics related to filmmaking and screening.

Income Diary: Income Diary is searching for contributors to write about website creation, driving traffic, social media and making money online.

  • Pay: You submit your fee. Only pay for worthy articles of the highest standard
  • Topics: Website creation, driving traffic, SEO, blog design, affiliate marketing, social media and making money online.

In The Know Traveler: ITKT is seeking people interested in writing about travel photography, international music, adventure, family and working with a travel agency. If you are interested in travel writing then you should join this site.

  • Pay: $3 for a blog post of 150+ words and $10.00 for 450+ word story
  • Topics: Detailed pieces that teach readers something practical about travel and the nuances of a particular destination.

International Living: International Living helps people how to retire and live better for less, overseas. They are looking for expats living overseas to help them write “postcards” of information to help people discover locations, take advantage of the opportunities, improve quality of life, lower your cost of living and invest for the profitable return.

  • Pay: $75 for “Postcards” from 500-600 words on stories from around the world
  • Topics: Subjects related to your experiences and tips while living in a new place or country.

Curbly: Curbly is seeking writers with a flair for home improvement and interior design. They are searching for tutorials and other content that combine design originality with a DIY aesthetic; showing people how to make awesome home decor from simple materials.

  • Pay: the Pre-arranged amount
  • Topics: DIY home improvement and decor topics.

Dance Happens: Dance Happens is seeking writers to write news and educational content focused on all forms of dance. These may include events, news, techniques, theories, applications and other topics that may be of interest to dancers.

  • Pay: Based on type and quality of content
  • Topics: Anything dance related.

Developer Tutorials: Developer Tutorials is searching for experts in the industry to pass their knowledge on in tutorial format. Tutorials must follow a clear and logical manner. They are also seeking list articles that target web developers and designers.

  • Pay: Unlisted
  • Topics: CSS, Illustrator, JavaScript, Linux, MySQL, PHP, and Photoshop.

HelloFlo: This site is seeking current female-identifying college students and recent grads to submit weekly pieces on woman-focused topics. To apply send a resume and two-three writing samples to the e-mail address on the website.

  • Pay: Unlisted
  • Topics: Women topics; health, empowerment, feminism, gender, sexuality and more.

Hypergrid Business & Hyperica: Hypergrid Business & it’s sister site, Hyperica are looking for people to write reviews, news and featured stories, advice and opinion pieces and more.

  • Pay: $0.05 per word
  • Topics: Business, education, non-profits, technology, events, vendors, immersive platforms and more.

iPhoneLife.com: This site is searching for avid iOS users who can write quality content. Bloggers choose their own topics, but to write for the magazine, one must submit their story idea for approval.

Here you can get IOS and also you can get apps for review from this site. If this sounds good to you (as well as getting paid to write), fill out the online form to apply.

  • Pay: $50 per article. Only magazine articles receive monetary compensation. Some writers receive perks such as access to interviews, free iOS gear and apps for reviews, press passes to tech conferences and
  • Topics: Anything related to iPhones.

High Ground Memphis: Higher Ground Memphis is seeking Memphis residents that love writing about positive news, trends affecting the Memphis area, profiles of local organizations involved in interesting topics, Q&As with influencers and disruptors and offering little-known solutions to big problems.

  • Pay: Unlisted
  • Topics: Positive pieces and trending news for the Memphis area.

I Love Free Software: This site is seeking writers who have a good grasp of the English language and follow the latest technology trends to write reviews of the latest software.

  • Pay: Unlisted
  • Topics: Software and technology

InstantShift: A community for web designers and developers, InstantShift provides resources of inspiration, premium web design, and development.

They are seeking writers with a passion for writing fresh, authentic, original, compelling, and researched content in the areas of design and development.

  • Pay: Payment is based on the quality and volume of the content
  • Topics: iShift covers a variety of topics of interest to web designers and developers ranging from basic HTML to network.

Listverse: If you have good writing skills, a sense of humor and a love for things unusual or interesting, this might be for you. Listverse is a busy site with an audience of 35,000 and one of the Best Freelance Writer Websites.They will even include a link to your website, social media profile, and or blog.

  • Pay: $100 for the minimum of 1500 words
  • Topics: Unusual and interesting things.


ISEdb.com: This site is looking for top quality, exclusive content related to the internet search industry. They have both paid and volunteer positions.

  • Pay: Contact them about compensation
  • Topics: SEO & SEM

Matador Network: With over 9 million unique monthly visitors, Matador is the world’s largest independent travel media company and the largest online travel magazine with hundreds of contributors from across the globe.

Matador is published in Spanish, Portuguese, French, and will soon publish in German, Mandarin, Japanese, and Russian. Seeking original writing.

  • Pay: $40 depending on length with a maximum length of 1500
  • Topics: Covered topics literally include everything from Arts to Trip

Jewish Journal: Jewish Journal is currently seeking OpEd, First Person and Singles columns of 850 words. Must submit story ideas for approval.

  • Pay: Only submissions printed in the paper are offered compensation.
  • Topics: Jewish news, culture and more. See site for all



Love Live Health: They are looking for writers for health, love and lifestyle content.

  • Pay: Unlisted
  • Topics: Health, love, and lifestyle


Magazine Hive: Magazine Hive is looking for authors to develop tutorials on using on Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects, etc. and who can also create resources for freebies such as icons, vectors, Photoshop brushes and more.

  • Pay: Contact them for details about pay
  • Topics: Web development, CSS, HTML5, jQuery, WordPress and more.

Media Shower: One of the Best Freelance Writer Websites. Media Shower specializes in SEO content that builds long-lasting web traffic, SEO ranking and sales. Media Shower writers are proficient in grammar and are able to tell a story. They are also rock-solid reliable, flexible and speedy.

  • Pay: Up to $25 for 400 words
  • Topics: Variety of SEO Content.

Metro Parent: MetroParent is an online parenting community with advice and also you can write about parents trending issues and problems. Publications include offers blue books, fun books and many more.

  • Pay: $35-$350 for articles, depending on their length and publication section
  • Topics: Local Southeast Michigan stories about the communities of Livingston, Macomb, Oakland, Washtenaw, and Wayne countries.

Money Crashers: It is seeking contributors to write about estate planning, investment, tax, credit and debit, and many more topics.

  • Pay: Unlisted per article rate + monthly performance incentives
  • Topics: All things finance.


New Scientist: New Scientist publishes new research, science, and technology stories focusing on the latest developments. Each piece should be informative, thought-provoking and scrupulously researched, but must also stand alone as entertaining pieces of journalism.

  • Pay: Pay per words published. Also offers tip-off pay for story ideas that you cannot personally
  • Topics: New research, science, and technology.


Military Benefits: MilitaryBenefits.info is seeking great writers who can effectively communicate military and veteran’s benefits through their experience with the United States military.

  • Pay: $14 per article
  • Topics: Education, Employment, Money & Finance, Housing, Healthcare (Tricare), Living, Compensation, Veterans Benefits, Discounts and offers from businesses and other topics related to military benefits.


Online Writing Jobs: Amazing and one of the Best Freelance Writer Websites. This freelance writing company hires writers to write on a wide variety of topics. Here writers will get projects based on their knowledge and experience.

  • Pay: Unlisted
  • Topics: Wide variety of topics.

Photodoto: Photodoto is seeking experienced photographers who have strong writing skills to contribute to their website. They are looking for knowledgeable people who can write about tips and techniques, the latest gear, inspirational pieces or post-production topics.

  • Pay: Unlisted
  • Topics: Inspirational pieces, photography tips, and techniques, new gear, gadgets and accessories, post-production topics.

Photoshop Tutorials: Photoshop Tutorials is a blog on various subjects related to Photoshop, the creative tools available, creative design and reviews. If you have a tutorial about Photoshop, you are welcomed to submit your tutorial for review and consideration.

  • Pay: $50 for quick tips, $150-$300 for tutorials and $25-$50 for articles.
  • Topics: Photoshop

PSD Fan: PSD Fan is seeking talented authors and artists to submit exclusive content not published elsewhere.

  • Pay: Rate of pay determined after reviewing the article
  • Topics: Photoshop tutorials, inspirational pieces, vector sets, brush packs, icon sets, textures and photo packs.

RankPay: This site is seeking contributors who can write about SEO, content writing, and social media. They are looking for talented writers with the ability to craft actionable, knowledgeable articles.

  • Pay: $50 per published article
  • Topics: SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media.

Rant: Rant Inc. is currently looking for contributors for RantSports and RantFinance. Must be at least 18 years of age.

  • Pay: Unlisted
  • Topics: Sports and finance.

Scary Mommy: Started in 2008, Scary Mommy is known as the website, “intended for people who have a sense of humor, an appreciation for sarcasm and who wear panties that don’t easily get in a wad.

  • Pay: $100 per original submission
  • Topics: Parent and child humor as well as general humor material.

Real Estate Career Central: Real estate central is seeking real estate professionals who have intimate knowledge of the real estate industry.

  • Pay: Unlisted but states “substantially higher than most other websites”
  • Topics: Real estate training (including their signature step-by-step how-to guides), selling all kinds of career guidance, real estate trends, and news and all other real estate topics.

Scotch.io: This site is seeking contributors to write high-quality tutorials for designers and developers.

  • Pay: Varies based on topic and length of the piece
  • Topics: PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, Node, AngularJS, Servers, and Hosting

Secular Pro-Life: Secular Pro-Life Blog is seeking writers who can create high-quality pieces of at least 5 paragraphs that need little to no editing. Pieces must reflect a secular pro-file viewpoint, meaning they should not endorse any particular religious speculation or assumption.

  • Pay: $25 per article
  • Topics: Pregnancy, abortion, and another pro-life concern.

Screen Rant: One of the Best Freelance Writer Websites.This is a content-heavy position. Writers must be able to write 20 or more (350+ word) pieces per month. Applicants can live anywhere but must be at least 18 years old to apply. Those living near New York, Los Angeles or San Francisco may be given additional opportunities to conduct interviews, attend screenings and events, etc.

  • Pay: Unlisted but is a paid-per-post contract position
  • Topics: New movie announcements, casting news, production development, photo posts, movie/tv trainers, entertaining list posts. Gaming topics also are accepted.


semaphoreci.com: This site is seeking writers to generate tutorials and articles for software developers. They’re looking for advice on best practices, software delivery techniques, test- driving development tools and practices, build automation, application deployment and so forth.

  • Pay: $100.00 for narrowly focused articles. $200.00 for full-length, state-of-the-art articles
  • Topics: Tips, practices, and techniques for software development.

SheBudgets: SheBudgets is seeking contributors to write about personal finance, mortgages, parenting, lifestyle and other topics.

  • Pay: Unlisted
  • Topics: Wide variety of topics, see site for the full category.

SHFT Blog: SHFT is one of the Best Freelance Writer Websites.currently they are seeking survivalist, craftsmen, firearms enthusiasts, outdoorsmen and all around skilled people to become contributors for SHTFBlog & Survival Cache. Articles must be 850 words or more and should include 5 photos taken by you.

  • Pay: $50 for the first 5 articles + 5 photos. Possible raise after that
  • Topics: Topics of interests to survivalists, craftsmen, firearms enthusiasts and outdoorsmen.

SitePoint: SitePoint is looking to partner with passionate web design and development contributors who can write technical, instructive, and innovative pieces.

  • Pay: Unlisted but state “above-industry rates for quality articles”
  • Topics: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Mobile development, UX, Design, other new technology.


SigTutorials: This site is looking for new tutorials focusing on Photoshop techniques and how to create signatures.

  • Pay: Up to $50 per tutorial
  • Topics: Photoshop techniques that are not like others on the net.

Smashing Magazine: Based in Germany, Smashing Magazine works with writers all over the world and provides quality and compelling content for the web design and development community.

  • Pay: Rate of pay determined by material length, uniqueness, and
  • Topics: Responsive design, typography, inspiring stories and information, how to techniques and business.

snapt.net: Seeking writers knowledgeable in using Snapt to create guides, tutorials, and articles.

  • Pay: $50 per published article
  • Topics: Installing, configuring and using Snapt.

southsoundmag.com: One of the Best Freelance Writer Websites.Seeking interesting and fun stories about the South Sound community and surrounding areas which include Tacoma, Gig Harbor, Olympia, Puyallup and more.

  • Pay: Payment based on the publication
  • Topics: Fashion, home, garden, beauty, entertainment, travel, food, business and All topics of interest and value to residents of the area.

SQL Server Central: The site accepts writers which can write about SQL. You have to write a topic which should include all the required detail. If you have knowledge about SQL then you should join this site.

  • Pay: $25.00 per article, with regular contributors sometimes being paid a higher rate
  • Topics: Anything related to SQL

technopedia.com: Most trusted and Best Freelance Writer Websites.Technopedia is seeking articles that offer insight and inspiration to IT professionals, technology decision makers and “geeks”. Content should be between 600-1200 words and might explain tech jargon, explore the latest tech trends or provide tutorials.

  • Pay: Competitive pay rates
  • Topics: Technology

The College Fix: This site offers internships to graduate and college students. It falls each year at lading outlines in the Washington DC area including USA Today, National Review, The Hill, Examiner, Real Clear Politics, Weekly Standard, and many more.

  • Pay: Unlisted
  • Topics: Multiple topics

The Dance Journal: The Dance Journal is seeking Philadelphia-area writers who have a love of dance. Writers will develop previews, features, interviews, press releases and critical thinking pieces that are of interest not only to the dance community but the general public.

  • Pay: Compensation is not offered off of one submission; however, they do hire writers who can write on a regular basis
  • Topics: Dance.

The Dollar Stretcher: The Dollar Stretcher is looking for articles on ways to help people save time and money. These articles should include practical ideas that people can employ to help them stretch their money. They also accept and pay for some guest writers, provided they are given full rights to the content.

  • Pay: $0.10 per published word
  • Topics: Saving time and money

The Diplomat: The Diplomat is seeking writers who can offer reporting and analysis related to Asia-Pacific Region.

  • Pay: You submit compensation amount when pitching the idea
  • Topics: Asia-Pacific Region interests


The Expeditioner: This is a very popular worldwide travel site for the avid traveler. This is one of the Best Freelance Writer Websites.Their articles feature some of the best travel writers in the world, as well as travel news, commentary, insight, and videos. These articles include daring adventures across the globe, with suspense informing you of the varied faces of the world!

  • Pay: $30 per 1,100 to 1,300 word article
  • Topics: Travel and adventure

The Marriage Counseling Blog: You can join this site if you are a licensed therapist.

  • Pay: Unlisted
  • Topics: Marriage and relationship topics

The Sportster: The Sportster is looking for experienced writers with an interest in the soccer, NBA,MLB etc. You can join this site and can earn money with your writing skills.

  • Pay: Unlisted
  • Topics: Sports and sports-related topics including expensive lifestyles, luxury, rich lists and money

The Sun Magazine: One of the oldest and Best Freelance Writer Websites.For 40+ years, The Sun has used words and photographs to “evoke the splendor and the heartache of being human” with an array of political, social, and philosophical ideas. With more than 70,000 subscribers, The Sun provides its readers with stories about “real people, doing real things, both personal and political.”

  • Pay: $300 to $2,500 for nonfiction, from $300 to $1,500 for fiction, from $100 to $250 for poetry, and from $1,000 to $2,000 for interviews
  • Topics: Life, political, social, and cultural issues

The Write Stuff: The Write Stuff is seeking contributors who can write about ideas and issues regarding database experience.

  • Pay: $200 in cash and $200 in Compose database credits
  • Topics: Database ideas and issues

Theme Park Tourist: Theme Park Tourist is seeking contributors who can write entertaining and unique articles about theme parks. In particular, they’re looking for topics related to Disney, Universal, and theme park history, Walt Disney World / Universal Orlando “alternative” guides, The unusual side of Disney, Universal and theme parks in general, “Behind the Scenes” at Walt Disney World (and other theme parks), and new attractions to watch for.

  • Pay: $0.05 per word + you’ll be eligible for bonuses of $50 & $500
  • Topics: Theme parks

Today I Found Out: This site specializes in facts and trivia. This is one of the Best Freelance Writer Websites.They are seeking writers who can research and write about interesting facts. Facts absolutely correct and pieces should be original, well written and interesting.

  • Pay: Unlisted
  • Topics: Interesting and correct facts

Top Tenz: TopTenz bills itself as the ultimate top 10 list site. It includes articles on trivia & fun facts, as well as topics on the bizarre, pop culture, movies, music, & history.

  • Pay: $50.00 upon acceptance of a completed
  • Topics: Bizarre, culture, entertainment, science, crime education, history.

Transitions Abroad: Transitions Abroad is seeking new and experienced travel writers to create inspirational and practical planning guides for traveling, working, studying, volunteering and living abroad.

  • Pay: $50 to $150 (800-2000+ word articles)
  • Topics: Traveling, working, studying, volunteering and living abroad. Cultural travel, culinary travel, internships, international careers and more.

Tutorials Point: Tutorials Point is looking for writers who can deliver great self-learning material on a variety of IT, software, project management, finance and other topics.

  • Pay: $250.00-$500.00 per tutorial.
  • Topics: Topics change but current listing includes IT, Software Quality Management, Java, Project Management, Accounting, Big Data, Telecommunications, Microsoft Technologies, Open Sources and more.

tutum.co: This site is seeking tutorials on Docker.

  • Pay: $150 for full-length articles (1500-5000 words) and $100 for shorter articles (about 1,000 words)
  • Topics: You tell them about your technical background and what topics you would be most interested in writing about. They will help you brainstorm ideas.

Viator Travel Blog: One of the high paying and Best Freelance Writer Websites.This is a one-stop shop for researching, planning, and booking travel with a wide variety of different tastes and unique experiences. Viator’s goal is to enable customers to have unforgettable experiences each and every time they travel.

  • Pay: Destination experts submitting multiple articles receive $40-$45 for an article with a minimum range of 300-500 words. Featured or Travel Blog articles with a minimum range of 1,000 to 2,000 words can pay from $100-$150 per
  • Topics: Travel with a special need for articles on Belfast, Quebec City, Warsaw, Norway, China, Monaco, Lithuania, Thai Islands, Cayman Islands, Curacao, Antigua, Lebanon, Puerto Rico, St Maarten, Tahiti, Oman, the US state of Georgia, Toronto, Dallas, Key West and Miami, St Augustine, Tampa, Sedona & Flagstaff, and Phoenix.

Wand’rly: This is an online magazine for full-time travelers. This magazine is family owned and one of the Best Freelance Writer Websites, the family travels full-time! They share the best places to travel as well as how to travel. Their “story” is intriguing.

  • Pay: 2,500-10,000 word articles pay $0.05 per published word and photos pay $10 per photo.
  • Topics: How to travel, and related travel topics

WebDesignerDepot.com: It Is seeking contributors who can write about cutting-edge design topics for web designers and developers.

  • Pay: You state your desired rate of pay.
  • Topics: Cutting-edge design topics, tips, trips.

WestJet Magazine: WestJet is a Canadian travel-lifestyle publication looking for writers for their website and print magazine.

  • Pay: Fees are determined on assignment
  • Topics: Q&A, profiles, features and destinations, travel and lifestyle topics. Write about what to see, where to visit, what to buy, where to stay and share tips, and service-oriented advice.

Wide Open Country: Wide Open Country is seeking writers who love country music and the country lifestyle.

  • Pay: Unlisted
  • Topics: Country music, lifestyle, and entertainment.

Wine Frog: Wine Frog is looking for contributors who can provide insight and inspiration to food and beverage professionals.

  • Pay: Unlisted but state “competitive rates”
  • Topics: Insightful and inspirational pieces that help readers increase their understanding of the wine business & technologies involved so they can make more educated decisions.

Working Mother: Reaching 2.2 million readers worldwide, WorkingMother is the only national magazine for career-committed moms. This is one of the Best Freelance Writer Websites.Their mission is to provide working mothers with home and work advice including solutions, resources, tips, and ideas. Their readers include full and part-time moms as well as sidelined moms who work and are entrepreneurs.

  • Pay: Pay varies according to topic and article
  • Topics: Topics center on working moms as well as related home and work issues; products; entrepreneur moms; family health; child care; children’s fashion and fitness, toys, books, working mom balance, parenting, travel, food, money, and finance, etc.

World Start: WS (World Start) is considered the best tech tips and daily deals newsletter online. They provide information about computers and software to average computer users. WS is seeking writers to provide articles and tips to their over 300K readers.

  • Pay: Payment amount is based on material length, quality, freshness, and Pay ranges are from $25-$50.
  • Topics: general Windows, internet, computer, software articles and e-mail tips

WOW! Women on Writing: WOW is a global magazine focusing and supporting women in writing. Each is an issue is focused on a particular theme. The site expects original content only, but you get rights to your content 30 days after publishing.

  • Pay: Depending on what and where you submit here, the pay will vary ranging from $50-$150. Twenty Questions pays $50. How to and Inspiration articles with 1,500-2,000 words pay $75. Feature Interviews with up to 3,000 words pay $75 and Feature articles with up to 3,000 words pay $150.
  • Topics: Advice and inspiration for female writers

Writer’s Access: Writer’s Access is an agency and one of the that connects companies with writers. They are one of the Best Freelance Writer Websites.They started five years ago. Founded by Byron White a serial entrepreneur who saw the need to connect writes with customers. They currently have over 13,000 customers.

  • Pay: A test will place you in a certain level along with experience on the site. It starts at 1.4 cents per word to 7.0 cents per word. You don’t get paid for words that go over the amount asked for, nor can you write less.
  • Topics: Too many to count.

Writer’s Weekly: Writer’s Weekly has been around since 1997 and looks for articles for their two publications, WritersWeekly and The Write Markets Report. They are looking for content on home-based businesses, corporate services, self-publishing, marketing, networking advice, and self-employment.

  • Pay: An article with a minimum of 600 words pays $60 for non-exclusive electronic rights.
  • Topics: Sell and earn from writing, home-based business, self-publishing and self- employment



This is all about 101 Best Freelance Writer Websites that pay high for writing.Hope you like this article.if you like share and comment.You may ask any question or if you have any suggestion feel free to share in the comment box.


























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