24 best and most authentic ways to earn extra money at home easily with no investment 2017-2018

24 best and most authentic ways to earn extra money at home easily with no investment 2017-2018

24 best and most authentic ways to earn extra money at home easily with no investment 2017-2018

There are lots of ways to earn extra money by using your cell phones, laptops, etc. The main difficulty we face is to decide the best way to be on and earn money for us.

According to me the best hurdle in earning money online is the path we decide. We want to earn money but do not know how to earn.In my opinion, we should follow that way which fit our nature and passion.for example, if one is good in writing but same is best in speaking then he/she should go to that direction.

Well, today I am telling you some of the best and most trusted ways of online earning. My main focus is you.I mean, I will tell you how you can earn money by using your personal skills.


To make a website and earn money is the best way in the modern world.I think the main reason is that in these days making a    website is not difficult, even with no knowledge of CSS, HTML, and PHP etc one can make a website.You just have to get a domain and hoster and start making a website.If you want to know about the best platform for making a website click here


     Blogging was the best way to teach, to express your views and also to share your feelings, experiences. But nowadays it is one of the main reason for earning online.

3.YouTube channels.

          If you are good at speaking, you can convince the audience to watch your videos then you must make a channel on YouTube and you can earn dollars from there. you can make a channel of games, songs, funny videos, technology, scientific things, and much more.

4.Affiliate marketing.

 This is also the most important factor in earning money online.You can affiliate yourself with brands, companies, websites, different products to earn your commission.


 If you have skills and knowledge of computer and technology, I suggest you join this website.You can earn money by giving services and tasks.It starts from $5 per job performed.

6.Freelance writer.

             If you have writing skills then this place is for you, a freelancer is a self -employed basis work. You can work for one magazine, or more then one depends on your ability and diversity of writing skills.


                         Most of the people do not know that we can earn money on Facebook.Facebook is not just a chatting room but it is the platform through which one can earn lots of money.You can create pages and post your blogs and then monetize Facebook pages. Facebook has announced that it will start monetization of videos in near future also.

8.Online Tutor.

                     You can be a teacher of any subject, which you can teach to others and earn dollars for your work.


  You can upload videos and monetize them.

10.Apps building.

                           If you have knowledge of software then you can make apps and start earning money.


                     This is the most fast growing way to earn money. You can build games and earn lots of money.


  You can earn money by doing sponsored posts for brands that want to get in front of your audience. Becoming an affiliate and making a commission selling other brands’ products.

13.Watching videos, playing games, clicking on adds etc.

            There are lots of websites and developers who invite you to watch their videos and play games and click on adds and in return, they offer some ransom for your work.


       It is digital currency and you can earn dollars by visiting trusted bitcoin websites.

15.Online and offline typing.

          You can get projects of typing and they will give you money for that.But get projects from trusted websites.


       If you can translate a work of one language to other then this is for you.

17.Online surveys/opinions.

       You can give your opinion by completing online surveys and earn money easily.

18.Searching/ testing websites.                                                                                                                     Websites offer money to visit their websites and also some companies  when starting a new business and wants to see the functionality and usability they offer money in return  on visiting websites

19.Write and publish Ebook.

      Share experience, knowledge, ideas, trends, by writing a book and publishing it.

20.download and installing apps.

                                                             If you have android phones then you can download some apps and games and by installing on your cell you will earn some dollars.

21.Data entry.

 You can earn by doing data entry operation.

22.Online juror.

     If you have knowledge of law then this is for you.

23.Sell old items online.

     You can sell your old house, books, cell phones, laptops and others things and can get some dollars.

24.Sell your photos.

      If you think you are a good photographer then this is for you.you can get paid by selling your photos.

                  These were  24 best and most authentic ways to earn extra money at home easily with no investment 2017-2018.I suggest you choose that way, you think you want to run and, in which you are best and you have the passion for that work.then I assure you will get lots of money.I hope these will help you to get some money.best wishes!


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