best online survey apps

Best online survey apps are essential to gather feedback from customers. These days, people are always on the go and it’s difficult to find time for anything else.

That’s why there is a need for an app that will allow you to conduct surveys anytime, anywhere without having to worry about compatibility issues or other technical difficulties.

There are many great options out there; this blog post lists the top five best ones around!

Best survey app for beginners

SurveyPlanet (Web)

SurveyPlanet is an excellent place to start if you are looking for pre-made surveys.

It offers over 90 different survey templates with questions that can be used as-is or tweaked in order better accommodate your needs!

As you build out each section of the questionnaire, viewing Live Copy will allow for real-time editing.

Just like having another copyright there beside yourself on the computer screen so no need to go back and forth between windows while trying to figure something else out.

Saving valuable minutes during busy workdays where every second counts.

The editing panel splits into two parts: one side displays what has already been entered (eagerly awaiting completion).

While the other shows updated text from earlier steps throughout the construction process.

SurveyMonkey (Web, Android, iOS)

SurveyMonkey is a survey app that has been around since 2000.

It’s the oldest and most popular mobile survey platform, making it easy to use with your phone or tablet wherever you go!

The service uses an intuitive wizard-like interface for creating surveys quickly and efficiently so users can get started right away without any fuss on their end at all.

Just enter in some information about what kind of input format (scale) would be best suited towards meeting needs throughout various groups within society then click “next.”

When you’re done building the survey, it can be sent via email or text message.

You’ll also have access to social media when sharing its results on Facebook and Twitter so that people who didn’t fill out their responses right away still see them in real-time!

As a matter of fact, Survey Monkey has found ways around this issue by allowing users to drill down into analytics even if they don’t fit onto one page easily.

Something we rarely see here at Android Authority (but should!).

Typeform (Web)

Typeform offers a wide range of options for designing surveys.

They have some of the best-looking themes we’ve found, plus their chatbot style makes it easy to ask questions without having any coding experience!

What really stood out though was how Typeform visualizes logic branches- where most platforms use dropdowns or lists with conditions on them.

You can see question bents mapped onto an interactive map in real-time.

So that decision-making becomes much easier after seeing everything laid before your eyes as they would need answers from each branch simultaneously.

Instead of one at a time like traditional branching polls leave room for error when navigating between different sections.

This may cause people not fully understand what an option means no matter how clear instructions were given beforehand.

Whenever you add logic branches that affect how the user flows from one question to another, a flow chart is automatically updated to reflect the various paths available.

You can zoom in and out of your survey map at any point just by clicking on it – no need for complicated coding skills or an IT department!

QuestionPro (Web)

One way to get high-quality survey results is by making sure that your audience answers the right questions.

This can be done with logic branching and scripting, which may determine what kind of follow-up you have for them when they answer “Yes” or “No.”

If someone says yes on whether or not they’ve used our website before then we might ask about their favorite thing about using it in addition to other things like improvements/additional services if needed.

But if somebody else answered no – don’t forget there’s always room for improvement!

QuestionPro is a great tool for companies who want to have flexible questionnaires and surveys with advanced branching logic.

The free tier has basic tools, but if you’re looking at the higher levels of customization it might not be enough.

This means there’s no reason why any company can’t take advantage!

Connecting your Questionpro account via API allows you to connect other applications in order to track responses or add respondents into CRM as well.

So whether they work for small or large businesses doesn’t matter because we’ve got everything right here waiting on us.

QuickTapSurvey (Web, Android, iOS)

One of the most effective ways to collect info from a customer is by asking them at home when they’re not distracted.

Quick Tap Survey offers an easy way for businesses and retailers alike will be able to track how often their ideas change behavior or preferences which can lead you down new roads as far away from indifference!

You can create your own survey or choose from more than 50 customization templates based on the type of questions you want, like an employee exit interview.

If building a new questionnaire is too difficult then we’ve got some great options that will suit any need!

Our face-to-face and mobile forms let users run surveys in different ways so they are guaranteed to find one perfect for their business needs.

Whether it’s running at home while traveling abroad with just iPhone as a device access point (cell phones don’t cut it overseas).