Best Recurring Affiliate Programs to Earn Lifetime

Are you looking for the greatest recurring affiliate programs with lifetime commissions?

Are you wondering how to make money online with these affiliate programs?

Are you having trouble making money online and looking for some legitimate strategies to get started?

If that’s the case, you’ve come to the correct place because, in this post, we’ll go over the top 17 best recurring affiliate programs you should try in 2020 if you want to make consistent money.

You may potentially make a good living by promoting web hosting services, as many web hosting firms have high-paying web hosting affiliate programs. The majority of bloggers prefer to market the web hosting sector because it pays more.

Are you seeking affiliate networks on the web? But, before we get into the finest recurring affiliate programs, let’s talk about what affiliate marketing is and how it works.

Recurring Affiliate Programs: What Are They?

As previously stated, recurring affiliate programs are those in which you refer someone and are compensated for each product purchase they make.

Recurring referral programs are another name for recurring affiliate programs. They differ from affiliate programs in a few ways.

Recurring affiliate programs, in contrast to one-time affiliate programs, payout on a regular basis. The advantage of a recurring affiliate scheme is that the earnings do not end after the first purchase.

With each purchase your subject makes, you can earn money. This is known as recurring commission, which is why the program is called a recurrent affiliate program.

These recurring affiliate commissions can provide a steady stream of cash over time. As a result, they can be used as long-term affiliate schemes.

Recurring affiliate programs are often higher-paying than one-time affiliate programs since income is made over time rather than once.

Affiliate Programs That Recur (Lifetime Commissions)

On the internet today, there are hundreds of recurring affiliate programs.

Because you might make money for a lifetime rather than just once, these programs are commonly referred to as high-paying recurring affiliate programs. The following are some of the best affiliate programs:


Clickbank provides a diverse selection of digital products to its customers. It provides Re-bill offers, which are recurring commission schemes with a high conversion rate.

ClickBank’s items are sold on a recurring subscription basis, and you can make up to 75% commissions. This allows digital marketers to earn more money each month.

This process continues as long as a customer’s subscription is active. Another advantage of Clickbank is that they supply money-making tools.

Clickbank also provides you with detailed information about your purchases, such as impressions, clicks, and sales.


If you’re looking for a web hosting affiliate program, DomainRacer is one of the best. You can earn up to 70% commission on every sale you make.

DomainRacer provides low-cost hosting solutions that include web hosting, reseller hosting, virtual private server hosting, and dedicated servers.

Promoting DomainRacer rewards you for your efforts and provides you with high performance-based conversion rates.


JVZoo is another famous recurring affiliate program. Software, e-books, plugins, video tutorials, and other email marketing-related products are JVZoo’s main focus.

JVZoo, unlike the majority of the other applications on this list, has been around for a while. Joining JVZoo is completely free. Signing up is all it takes to gain access to JVZoo’s product collection.

You can gain access to a vast range of products that can be promoted to various audiences. Promoting products through this program can earn you up to 100% commissions.

Products can be promoted in a variety of ways, including blogs, websites, and email. Commissions are paid immediately. JVZoo has the added benefit of providing real-time tracking of your earnings.