Best Ways To Earn Free Cryptocurrency

In a world where the internet is our main source of information and entertainment, there are so many things that we can do.

In this article, you will find out about different ways to earn free cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency has been on the rise in recent years and it’s still going strong today!

Follow these tips below to get started earning your own crypto coins!

Platforms Giving Out Free Crypto

1. eToro Sign Up Bonus

Investing in cryptocurrency is a great way for individuals and businesses alike to invest their money without having any of the risks associated with stocks or bonds.

eToro offers investors access from around 150 different countries, giving them more opportunities than most other exchanges on this list do.

The platform also provides professional management which means you can rest easy knowing that your assets will be well managed while earning returns above market average – all at no cost!

2. Coinbase Earn

Coinbase is giving away free cryptocurrency for simply learning about it.

With its Earn program, the platform offers users a chance to learn basic attention tokens (BAT), 0x tokens including ZRX, and others in order to earn some crypto-free bucks!

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Watch this short video or take their quiz which will credit any new coins added to your account so you can get started on building up an impressive collection without spending anything extra right now.

Get your free money and a bonus by referring people to Coinbase. I’ve used this app before, it’s easy!

You must sign up with real information like name or social security number (but not the ones on file at IRS) because they report that data back to their government masters.

But don’t forget: cryptocurrency is meant for anonymity so if you want some virtual cash without giving away any personal info then come here only if it’s what matters most in regards to protecting yourself while using Blockchain Technology.

3. Voyager Exchange

Voyager is a fantastic cryptocurrency platform that can be used on both mobile and desktop. You can buy popular coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum plus dozens of other altcoins!

Now with deposits up 10% on your investment you too could earn some extra cash while learning about how blockchains work at the same time.

All without having any technical knowledge required before now.

4. Staking Cryptocurrency

Staking cryptocurrency is one of the most innovative ways to earn free crypto in the form of interest.

While staking on platforms like Aave, Compound and Uniswap can get complicated for new users – there are options!

For example, Coinbase allows you to stake Ethereum onto their exchange platform which then pays out a 7% annualized return through Proof-of-Stake upgrades (ETH2).

Coinbase allows you to stake your crypto and earn interest on it right away. Join the waitlist at Ethereum, once approved; start staking now!

Gemini lets investors stake their cryptocurrency for profit– letting users grow positions immediately so they don’t have any delays in earning more money like with other platforms such as GDAX or Kraken (for example).

5. Cash Back has partnered with Visa to offer a prepaid card that is loaded with cash and features numerous incentives for purchasing items online.

Including 1%-5% back on all purchases made through the platform’s website or its app store (depending on which one you use).

It also offers 10% rewards when using Expedia & Airbnb services as well as credit towards 100% of Netflix subscriptions in exchange for MCO tokens staked by users during their initial purchase.

This means they get paid even if cryptocurrency prices go down!

6. Celsius Network Sign Up Bonus

Celsius Network is a new crypto lending platform that allows you to earn up to 10% interest on your cryptocurrency and also has opportunities for free Bitcoin.

Deposit more than $1,000 in CELT tokens and get an additional signup bonus of $10 worth of BTC!

You can enjoy double the reward if the deposit stays untouched for 3 months – but don’t wait too long or else someone might take advantage before you do (just like those pesky roaches!).

The best part about all these bonuses? They’re available as long as we maintain our position within this market; whether it’s staking through 30%, loaning out funds at 5%.

Or even combining both strategies by borrowing from others.