CashCrate Review: Online Surveys

Making money has never been easier because of the internet. One way is by filling out surveys online for cash.

CashCrate offers a variety of ways to earn, including taking surveys and watching videos.

You can even find jobs that pay you just for clicking on links! All of this sounds fantastic, but how does it actually work? Read our CashCrate review today to find out more!

If you’re looking for a site that rewards your time with money, CashCrate might not be the right fit.

The company does disclose how much each survey awards and there are many surveys available to take on behalf of different companies.

But after trying out this website myself I found it difficult to overcome parts like confusing compensation calculations or long wait times before receiving points from completing them.

What it’s like

The homepage of CashCrate is cluttered with toolbars, tabs, and links to various resources. To make your search for the “Surveys” and “Best Surveys” tab easier, here are some quick tips:
-Locating this area can be time-consuming because it seems like there might not even exist a button or link on their site that says surveys.
You’ll have found them by scrolling through all different types of offers until finally coming across two columns with rows labeled differently than most pages in internet browsers (e.g., top right corner).
When I first started taking surveys, there were so many things to keep track of. Each link had a different name and it all seemed really overwhelming!
For example: in “Live Sample (Twice Daily Survey),” numbers represented how often you could complete the survey each day.
Pulley Surveys showed up as secondary links on other websites such as Ipsos or SamplicioUS – they are basically just like any other poll except more specific with their questions.

The next step was usually a continuous loop of queries that rarely earned me points.

For example, I clicked on the SaySo survey and spent about 30 minutes answering questions in order to qualify for surveys more often than not keep trying.

But never qualified even though there were times when they asked if I wanted to continue trying or give up altogether.

I suspect it’s because sometimes after getting chosen as someone who completed their first qualification round (an introductory phase), some messages come through asking “Do you want these opportunities?”

After replying yes every time – twice out of twenty times –

I was finally invited to a wonderful survey where all of my responses had already been reprogrammed, so there was no need to start over!

Success rate

CashCrate is unlike some of the other survey sites we tried, which showed both completions and disqualifications.
Cashcres only shows you the tasks for which you’ll be paid, so you can see whether your attempt was successful or not without being redirected to more questions by them.
As many third-party websites do with multiple redirects in a row after an initial “you’re dismissed” prompt; this saved us time while trying out different companies’ offers!
I spent almost five hours on CashCrate and was rewarded with nine surveys. My success rate was approximately 33%.
A one-hour sample session may be more telling though because then I received two disqualification notices for repetitive questions.
While qualifying through the site for 40 minutes straight before finally receiving an award that paid 75 cents!
Every survey is different. I qualified for one that didn’t have the demographic of my target audience, so it was a bust!
I am a 20-something woman without any home or game-playing experience; however, this doesn’t mean you should give up on qualifying because of me.
Every person has their own setlist of qualifications when looking at surveys available online these days.


The CashCrate survey site is a great way to make money on the go. You can get paid in cash, or receive gift cards and prizes as well!
The site has been Pretty Popular with over 8 million users who have earned $81 Million dollars so far because they like gambling their spare change away while doing some serious research at home (or wherever).
The point system used by this company allows for even more options than other sites out there which makes it easier than ever before to find what works best of course 😉
In total, I accumulated $7.60 — which includes a one-time profile survey worth 50 cents and 90 more pennies pending from completing third-party website surveys for CashCrate that must clear before they’ll pay me in full! To cash out you need 20 hours of completed work at just an hour per sitting (~$1/hr).


Surveys are a quick and easy cash grab. I earned over $500 in one day just by completing surveys for CashCrate!
You can even get paid right when you complete them, which makes finishing quickly really tempting (who wants to wait?).
However, keep in mind that because these sites pay so little compared to other ways to make money online or offline.
Some people may not take your responses as seriously as they would on more traditional survey-taking websites.
So make sure your input passes judgment before giving any responses at all; this includes checking both boxes next time around too.
Consider setting up a different email account for spam if you’re getting offers from survey businesses.
Install anti-malware software on your computer and take frequent breaks to avoid becoming overwhelmed by all of the data!