Clicksfly Review

Are you looking for a way to make money using an excellent URL shortener?

Then you’ve come to the right spot because, in this review, I’ll show you how to utilize the finest URL shortener.

In the last several months, I’ve tried a few different URL shorteners, but none of them compare to Clicksfly.

Clicksfly is without a doubt one of the most reliable, transparent, and simple-to-use URL shorteners on the market.

You can also generate quick money with it and withdraw it immediately because of the low minimum withdrawal limit.

Clicksfly makes it simple for users to shorten and share links, and it produces a lot of money from it. Many people disregard this money-making strategy because it appears to be too good to be true, but guess what?

Clicksfly has been operating for a while, and many people make a decent living with their URL shortener, thus it is completely legitimate. In brief, it’s a terrific alternative to another popular link shortener, Linkvertise.

Furthermore, it provides you with all of the tools and data you’ll need to boost your money-making tactics.

How do I use Clicksfly to shorten links?

With their eyes closed, anyone can shorten links on Clicksfly. Simply click here to be taken to the Clicksfly homepage.

There’s a long link shortener box there. Simply paste the link into the box and hit the shorten button. You can copy the now-shortened URL and paste it wherever you like after the system has finished processing.


Users of Clicksfly get access to the following tools and benefits:

Panel of Administration
A user administration panel is available to each user. It’s designed to be user-friendly, so you’ll have no trouble using any of the functions.

The simplest way to shorten a URL
As previously said, Clicksfly makes it simple for individuals to shorten links. To shorten long URLs, all you have to do is click and paste.

Stats in Depth
Clicksfly gives each user with a complete study of their visitors and their activity. They can use data to figure out which techniques work best for them and which generate the most income.

This information can be beneficial to individuals who are serious about producing a lot of money.

Payout Limits
In the market, Clicksfly offers the best rates per 1000 views. You can earn up to $200 for every 10,000 views, however, the rate varies by country.

Iceland, the United Kingdom, and the United States are among the highest-paid countries. To find the listed rate for your country, go here.

Limit on Minimum Withdrawals
Clicksfly has a minimum withdrawal limit in place so that users can get their money as quickly as possible.

The minimum withdrawal for Paypal and Paytm is $3, whereas the minimum withdrawal for bank transfers is $50.

Program for referring others
The majority of URL shorteners offer inefficient and useless referral programs.

However, Clicksfly has a lucrative referral program that can help you earn a lot of money in the long run.

If you refer people to Clicksfly, you’ll get 20% of their earnings for life. This implies that once you’ve referred enough active users, all you have to do now is sit back and watch the money pour in.

Dedicated Assistance
A committed staff is working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to remedy the issue that users are experiencing.

Most URL shorteners lack a help system, which causes significant problems for customers, but Clicksfly’s support team is constantly working to improve their users’ experience.

How does Clicksfly help you make money?

You can make money with Clicksfly in two different ways:

Make money by sharing URLs that have been shortened.
You’re probably wondering how you may make money with Clicksfly simply by shortening URLs.

It’s simple: simply use Clicksfly to shorten long URLs and post them on social media, your blog, or wherever else you choose. When users click on the shortened link, they will be taken to a website where they will see a brief commercial.

Then a skip button will display, which they can use to return to the original Long URL website that you had previously shortened.

The amount of money you make is determined by the number of individuals who click on the link and view the advertisement.

To get money, simply shorten as many links as possible and share them with anyone who is eager to click on them.

Make money by participating in a referral program.
You can also generate money by using Clicksfly’s fantastic referral program. Simply recommend more friends to Clicksfly and you’ll get 20% of their profits for the rest of their lives.

But don’t worry, nothing will be taken away from their pay.

As a result, you can earn money just by introducing your friends to Clicksfly’s fantastic services and assisting them in producing revenue.