CrowdSurf Review

Today we will check CrowdSurf Review. These days, video content is immensely popular.

Have you ever found yourself lost in a YouTube video rabbit hole when you should have been doing something more productive?

I’m sure you wouldn’t feel so bad if watching videos genuinely paid you money. With Crowdsurf, you can now get paid to caption videos.

What exactly is CrowdSurf?

CrowdSurf Review

Crowdsurf is a media startup that aims to tackle problems for deaf, hard of hearing, and second language viewers.

They collaborate with freelancers to offer on-demand transcribing and captioning services, making online material more accessible to all.

Let’s look at how you may get paid to caption videos with CrowdSurf if you’re searching for a flexible and easy work from home transcribing job.

Required Qualifications

To work as a freelancer on CrowdSurf, you’ll need a few talents. You must be detail-oriented and competent in English (speaking, reading, and writing).

Before applying, you must also meet the following requirements:

Do you have a PC or a Mac?
An Internet connection that is dependable
Typing abilities are required.
Excellent listening abilities
Exceptional proofreading abilities
Good judgment and problem-solving abilities are required.
Attitude of cooperation

Where Do I Begin?

To begin, you must first register with Word Market, which is the site via which they hire and pay all of their freelancers.

You have the option to create an account. Sign up as an individual and select ‘Writing and Translation’ as your primary industry in the Industry section.

You’ll also have to choose a postal code. Your profile and tax information will be reviewed by the staff, which normally takes less than 24 hours.

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Then you can choose between direct deposit, PayPal, or a paper check as your payment option.

The Employment Market platform connects you with employers who offer freelance work through recruitment groups.

To be accepted, you must first review the criteria and complete a quick evaluation. After that, you can start looking for freelancing jobs.

More on the Evaluation

The results of your evaluation will determine whether or not you are qualified to work with CrowdSurf.

To deliver correct subtitles for deaf and hard-of-hearing audiences, the firm maintains high-quality requirements. You must submit a verbatim transcript to be graded using a Quality Control (QC) score.

According to their website, freelancers must maintain a 3.5 average QC score and a 900 Qualification Standing even after passing the initial evaluation.

Getting Gigs

It takes 3-5 business days for your CrowdSurf account to be created after you complete the evaluation, so you can begin working.

You’ll be able to set your own hours as a freelancer. If you want to make some additional money during your lunch break, the morning commute, or nighttime hours, this is the way to go.

To view the work queue for open assignments, you’ll use the Work Market CrowdSurf portal.

You can view any of the queues that have tasks available and that you are qualified to work in by clicking on a view.

Each queue has its own set of requirements. You’ll have the “Transcription Qualification” for the “Transcription Queue” if you’re just starting off.

As you continue to work and meet QC criteria, your standing will improve, allowing you to apply for more transcription jobs.

At CrowdSurf Review, you can make a payment

CrowdSurf pays according to the sort of task and the duration of the project.

The higher your Quality Control score and the more money you make, the more work you accomplish to their standards.

You can also be eligible for bonuses. You can also get your payment more quickly by setting up a direct deposit or making a PayPal transfer.

Working as a freelance captioner for CrowdSurf Review can be a terrific way to supplement your income while also gaining experience with transcription work. You’ll also be working for a good cause.

While I wouldn’t recommend this as a full-time job, it is a convenient choice for people who want to accomplish simple chores on their own time.