How To Get Adsense Approval Fast-Tips To Get 100% Approval

How To Get Adsense Approval Fast-Tips To Get 100% Approval

How To Get Adsense Approval Fast
How To Get Adsense Approval Fast

Today our topic How To Get Adsense Approval Fast is very much important.Google is the best option for publishers to earn money through displing ads on websites.That is why these days everyone wants Google AdSense account for their website or blog.


But people are facing problems to get approval.There are many reasons that why Google is not giving them approval of Adsense.So we will discuss some of the main points which are important to get approval from Google to show ads on our websites and blogs.Let us start topic.

How To Get Adsense Approval Fast-Tips To Get 100% Approval


When you are going to apply for Adsense you should well know with these things before applying for approval.

Google Adsense approval policy, terms, and conditions:

First of all, when you are going to apply for Google Adsense, you should read carefully google policies for Adsense approval.

If you think your blog or website is according to google policies then apply for AdSense otherwise make changes to your site to get can READ HERE FOR ADSENSE POLICIES.

Quality Content:

Your posts should be not copy should write a quality content to get approval from Google.Google is the biggest ad networking company.Google will never ever accept a website which is not in original form.

Make sure your posts are well and good.readers can understand and can learn something which they want.Do not try to plagiarise your contents.

Minimum Posts/Pages

Your website must have sufficient posts/articles to apply for Adsense.According to some experts, 30 to 50 posts are enough to get approval.Some of the posts should be lengthy at least of 2000 words.

Other posts of more than 350 words.So make sure they see enough content on your website before applying for the program. The more the content, the better chances of approval.

Domain Name

It is very essential that you use a top-level domain(for e.g. .com, .org, .net etc).It is noticed by the expert that if you use top level domain then your site is approved very fast by Google Adsense, even if you have only little posts.

Google always appreciate the top level and unique domain but if you write high quality and sufficient contents, for your blog, then Google Adsense get approved without a top level domain.


Also when you have organic traffic then there is a chance that Google accepts your sub-level domain also.

 Site Must Be 6 Months Old

If you are living in developed countries then you can get approval with the 1-month-old website.But for developing countries like Pakistan India Google have this rule.

Do Not Use Third Party Ads Or Programs

Before applying to AdSense, make sure you don’t allow or place any other third party banner ad code on your website. Google (employees) will strictly look into your website manually and they hate seeing some third party ads installed on your website.

Stay away from Infolinks, Chitika, Yahoo Ads or any other third party network to get the first impression clean on your website.

Make sure you put only the fresh content and some regular widgets on the website.Also, stay away from affiliate links such as hosting programs, Amazon affiliates, Clickbank or any other until your account is approved.

Build Visitor Friendly Website’s Interface

Your website should be attractive and easy to navigate or to use.The reader should not feel anything wrong when visiting your website.

Always think if the visitors will like the structure. If people like it, Adsense would definitely like it.

You Must Have Google Verification Page.

You need to even verify with Google Webmaster program, which has the complete access to your website in search perspective.

With Google Webmaster Tools, you can track your website critical errors and fix them on a daily basis

XML sitemap

Installing a sitemap on your website can help search engine bots to index your website faster, which is again a trust factor to bots about the website trustworthiness.


Creating Robots.txt file on your website will get rid of indexing unwanted junk onto Google. it adds a lot of value to your SEO efforts of ranking the pages higher on Google.

Plus, the robots.txt file is another great feature to add it your website as a trust factor.

You Must Have These Pages

  1. Privacy Policy
  2. Disclaimer Policy
  3. Terms of Usage
  4. Contact Us
  5. About Us (Write your name and address through which you applied the AdSense account)

Custom Domain Name And Email ID

AdSense team will take a custom domain more seriously rather than the free domain name. Investing 2$ on a domain name is not a big deal when you have health chances of getting approval with other factors like mentioned above.

Once you have your own domain, create an email ID with your name ( to apply for the AdSense program. Eg: will get more attention compared to

Alexa Ranking

if you really want to get your Google AdSense approval then improve your Alexa ranking to your site or blog.

In Simple Words, Improve your website traffic to improve so that your website get’s quality of audience. So, start working on your site or blog Alexa Rank rather I would say improve your site traffic by writing some unique informative content for your blog or site.

High Alexa rank is not good for Google Adsense point of view, High Alexa rank means low traffic to a site which is not good for either advertiser and Publisher.


As traffic is not a factor to get Google Adsense approval.But if you do not have any traffic then how can you earn money from Adsense.

So it is good for you to earn more money from Google does not ask for any traffic to give approval.


that is all about our topic How To Get Adsense Approval Fast.I am sure it will help you to get Google Adsense of luck for your website and blog.if you have any suggestion or question you may ask in comment box.


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