How To Earn Money Online By Answering Questions

There are a lot of ways to earn money online and answering questions is one of the easiest ones.

It’s not going to make you rich, but it can be a great way to supplement your income or as an easy side hustle.

In this post, I’ll go over what services there are out there that pay for answers as well as how much they’re willing to pay.

Apps that pay you to Answer Questions

How To Earn Money Online By Answering Questions


You can make money as an expert on JustAnswer by answering questions for customers.

You will have to be really good in your field of expertise, which is filled with many different options like finance, computers, and law- just name it!

Once you’ve decided what kind of knowledge you’d like people’s lives to change or how they should invest their retirement funds etc.,

Then head over here to sign up now before somebody else takes advantage first because there are only so few spots available each day.

But hurry since these opportunities won’t last forever!


Ready to become an expert? With over 600 categories of expertise, it’s easy for anyone with a service-oriented goal.

Simply choose your field and PrestoExpert will match you up!

You can apply on their website or through email by making sure that the information requested is accurate (i.e., including all required details).

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Once submitted, applicants are automatically added to our database so they won’t miss out if there ever becomes any openings in future vacancies at their desired skill levels.

This should come quickly thanks to our 24/7 support system available around every corner!


Maven is a company that hires micro-consultants from all over the world to provide advice on everyday decision-making.

You can register yourself and select an hourly rate, which may be appropriate for you if it’s not too high or low compared with what others charge in your area of expertise/interests etc).

Once registered make sure you fill out the application form so Maven knows who will become part of this global knowledge marketplace!


Another question and answer app, Experts123 is a new way to make money. You can either answer questions or write articles that are helpful for people in your field of expertise.

To join this website you need first register yourself with an account at which point it will ask about what type of expert/writer do you want to be: writer/editor; technical analyst; manager etc.

Then fill out some personal information such as name, email address, phone number.

Once completed going ahead by creating a detailed profile including fields like a location where available so others know how they could reach out if needed-anything else relevant might also come useful here too!


6ya is a website that offers help with all sorts of questions. You can work from your phone.

Set your own schedule, and be paid hourly for answering customer queries on the spot!

An average call only lasts 4-5 minutes which means you are making more money than most people in this economy – it’s not so bad now, is it?

There are 600+ categories on 6Ya right now ranging across various topics including healthcare & law as well entertainment etc.,

So there’s something sure to suit everyone no matter what they need assistance or advice about!


Wonder is a website that pays users to answer questions with their research, and as you can see it isn’t as simple as just filling out an application.

First off all of us need to select what we want; either be in the role of researcher or writer (writer gets paid no matter which position they pick).

Once your decisions are made there will come another page where Wonder asks if this sounds like something for YOU!

Your responses should include information such as how old(21+ Preferred), gender( Female preferred), and location – If outside US mainland then state/country because these things affect pay rates too!”


HelpOwl is a website where people can ask questions and get answers from experts for free.

There’s no credit card required, but you do have to register an account in order to post your expertise on this site!

When new users sign up they will receive 100 points just by signing into their browser – that could be enough if all of these features: Writing reviews & editing existing ones (there are many types); Watching videos or reading articles; Posting knowledge-based content such as guides about programming languages etc., reaching out via social media channels like Facebook groups. is a website where you can be paid in bitcoin for completing tasks and answering emails, it’s simple!

You need to create your profile on the site with information about yourself so that they know what skills or expertise you have available when contacting someone who might need them.

If somebody wants help from an expert within one of our fields just send out an email offering assistance – it doesn’t matter how busy things get because all work will add up over time (and there’s no limit).

I hope this is a helpful guide for you to Earn Money Online By Answering Questions. if you have any suggestions or questions you may ask in a comment.