How To Make Money Teaching English Online

How can you make money teaching English online? What is Online Teaching?? This is a question that many people are asking.

Today, we’re going to answer it! Read on for the details of how this works and what qualifications are needed.

Online teaching is a great way for those who are looking to learn English as it can be conducted in different forms.

Online tutors usually use video chat or audio, between an experienced teacher and student seeking guidance on their language of choice.

Another popular option is Skype lessons which allow you receive one-on-one feedback from your tutor at any time during our session!

The demand here isn’t just high but increasing every day – why?

Well because more people want the opportunity to access quality learned material without having to go abroad.

So there’s been growth across the Asia Pacific specifically China & Japan due to these two countries having the largest population segments interested/needed in English proficiency.

How to Teach English Online: Job Requirements

make money teaching english online

1. Be a native English speaker

Some companies are strict about where their teachers come from and only hire people who can speak English at a native level.

Other organizations will be more lenient with an accent, but it’s important to note that some places want instructors who have a “neutral” tone of voice – this usually means North American or British accents.

2. Have an ESL certificate or teaching qualification

One of the most important things for an English teacher is their ability to communicate with students, but it’s not enough that they speak the language.

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Having some form of teaching qualification or TEFL certificate will get you hired!

It can be difficult though; to find where these online courses are located and how good they actually take more than just luck factor in this competitive industry.

So make sure before investing your time into one company only find out what others say about them first (beyond browsing reviews).

3. Hold a Bachelor’s degree (for some)

The most prestigious online teaching platforms want to see that you have a bachelor’s degree.

If not, they’ll still take your application but it’s helpful if the field of study is related to education and/or working with children!

And even though some may say having TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification isn’t necessary for them nowadays since we live in such globalized times.

However, this was not always true back when many different countries didn’t share common language norms as they do now.

This often means people need either fluency or near-native abilities on top learners’ level before being hired for full-time positions here locally.

4. Have some experience teaching or with kids

As with any job application, showing that you have experience teaching or working with kids can give you a huge leg up against other teachers applying at the same time.

Some online teaching platforms require a minimum level of experience while others will accept it as long as it’s preferred qualifications- so make sure to check before your cover letter is sent!

So, How Does Online Teaching Work?

Online teaching can be a great way to teach students who are unable to attend college classes in person.

The flexibility of online courses means that you can complete your coursework anytime, anywhere.

This allows you to work at your own pace and fit the class into your busy schedule.

Since most online courses rely on email correspondence, there is little need for students to regularly meet with their instructors outside of scheduled times.

This also makes it easier for parents or other caregivers to help their children study without missing work themselves.

Now that we know how easy it is, let’s take a look at what actually happens once you sign up!

Online Teacher Employment Status

Working as a freelance English teacher online can allow you to make a living from home without having any daytime interpersonal contact.

However, this comes at the cost of being treated like an independent contractor and not paying taxes on your income.

Since it’s paid directly into their account each month/weekend where they then pay those fees themselves before remitting all individual tax obligations within their country’s borders at year-end together with estimated payments towards Social Security & Medicare contributions too.

How Much Can You Make Teaching English Online?

Teaching English online sounds like a great way to make money and work from home.

But, the reality is that it can be challenging for some people who might not have teaching experience or an advanced degree in linguistics.

You need at least two years of college credit before applying as well!

Teaching pays anywhere from 10$ -26 per hour which would mean 2k+ monthly if you put in enough time.

A demand-based pay system is one in which the market sets your base rates and you can’t control it.

You may find yourself booked but not at a high enough price if students don’t want to hire someone who charges too much money for their services.

Even though teaching qualifications and experience play important roles when determining what this individual’s salary should be upon acceptance onto the particular online platform.

How Are Online Teachers Paid?

Online teaching can be a lucrative profession if you’re willing to put in the hard work.

I personally use Payoneer because they offer low transfer fees for international payments, which is important when paying tuition or living costs abroad as an instructor with little income at home.

The average online educator makes about $3 monthly on PalFish (a site where teachers find jobs).

But this figure will vary depending on how often your pay gets adjusted up and down by their company – some people have found themselves earning close to 10s of dollars per day!

I hope this guide on how to make money teaching English online is some help to earn some extra money for you.