i-Say Review: Online Surveys

i-Say is a survey site that provides the opportunity to make money by completing online surveys.

It’s free to join and it only takes a few minutes for you to sign up.

Once you’re in, they’ll pay your account with credits so you can start taking surveys right away!

i-Say lets users earn anywhere from $0.10-$1 per survey completed and offers various incentives after reaching certain milestones in their account balance.

The company also has a “Community” section where participants can chat about different topics.

Post questions or offer advice on anything from how much time should be spent on each survey or what kind of food people prefer while filling out surveys!

This is an easy way for anyone to earn some extra cash without having to.

What it’s like

I-Say is a direct survey provider through Ipsos, the global market research firm based in France.
Because i-say is an online service that you can access at any time of day without having to leave your home or office for surveys.
This site makes it much more convenient than other companies who force users onto their own website and make them scroll through pages before finding what they are looking for.
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Not only do these websites take up space that could have been used productively but also gives people less free time.
As they need to be checking out sites like Facebook every time there’s something new on so one doesn’t miss anything important!

Success rate

I qualified for five of the 29 surveys that I took. That’s 17%! The ones with a higher point value were usually much more interesting.
It seems as if anyone thing disqualified me: either just clicking on them before being disqualified or getting into an extensive discussion that kicked me off after 10 minutes.
No idea why this happened sometimes though; maybe because single women in their 20s live in urban areas where there would be less competition than in other places?
I don’t know what to make out of my disqualification rate since some seem like flukes while others may have come from something specific related to my single status (I’m not sure).
It’s no secret that I-Say is a little shady. In fact, they’re so sketchy and misleading in their practices.
That it can take up to five points of compensation for trying surveys which isn’t much at all when compared with other sites that offer unlimited tries without any limit!
But as tempting as the point system sounds (five points if disqualified).
Make sure you read through all FAQs carefully because many users have found themselves disqualified due to an already full survey pool.
There are none refunded if this should happen though thankfully only once per lifetime)!

The payoff

I-Say is a fun, innovative way to earn and redeem points. You can choose between cash or gift cards for your rewards – but we recommend the latter!
That’s because with I Say it always pays back in kind: one point equals $1 when you opt out of getting anything at all.
However, if they won’t just give somebody money through PayPal (which has an exchange rate of about 1 cent per).
Then each point becomes much more valuable as there are fewer others competing against them during this time period where gifts expire within five days from receiving them by mail.
And also since these offers don’t require any strings attached except what someone chooses themselves while browsing around before making their choice final.

The verdict

Navigating the world of online surveys can be a daunting task.
i-Say is one website that offers small amounts in return for your time and effort, but its glitchy home page makes it difficult to use effectively.
The site may not always work as intended because its developers are constantly updating features without fully fixing bugs first.
This means you might get stuck on an error message when trying to complete tasks or even just view questions about them!
But if you decide this method fits your needs, consider setting up a separate email account specifically for offers from survey companies.
Although i-Say sent me only eight emails over five days, other sites can send more and may clog inboxes easily.
Install anti-malware software on the computer to protect against potential spammy websites as well!
It is always smart to practice taking regular breaks that provide our eyes some rest time too.