MyPoints Review: Online Surveys

I’m just like you, I need to make money. And I want to do it without leaving my home! MyPoints is the perfect opportunity for me – and now you too!

You can earn points by completing surveys on their site. The more surveys you complete, the higher your rank will be in their system.

Once you reach a certain point threshold (depending on what your goal is), they’ll send you a check or PayPal payment for all of those hard-earned points!

It’s easy peasy lemon squeezy. Sign up today and start earning money from home with MyPoints!

What it’s like

The website’s dashboard is user-friendly and easy to use, sporting an uncluttered interface that provides clear instructions on how many points you’ll get for completing a survey, and an estimate of how long it’ll take.
If the site has stars next to certain surveys then this means they are closing soon according to Angela Valley from MyPoints’ Senior Vice President Marketing Department: “We mark our popular offer with three silver stars so members know right away when their favorite offers are about the end.”
I was excited to start my day at the website, but after about an hour of trying different surveys and not knowing if I qualified for any that fit me, it got old.
The site is primarily an aggregator so there’s some disconnect between what you see when taking a survey or “pre-survey” which could be used as qualifications on their end (I didn’t always know).
Then get back into answering questions until finally finding one with your profile information in order to continue filling out questionnaires – often repeating those same ones over again!

Success rate

I only qualified for seven out of the 75 surveys I tried on MyPoints. That’s not bad, considering this is one site with a low success rate!
It could be because they send too many invitations and limit people by demographic so that everyone has an equal chance at getting rewarded.
In my case being single in San Francisco hasn’t helped either but luckily there are other sites like SignupBuddy where you can sign up without having to answer any personal questions or complete lengthy forms–they just need your email address.
I ran into 22 instant disqualifications, in which I would click on a survey and be immediately redirected to my profile page.
In some cases after adding basic information about myself like age or zip code (though it was usually because of something written as input), likePurple!
The reason for this strange happenstance remains unknown.
I even had instances where disqualified after filling out all available questions but these messages kept coming.
To the point that one time they sent me back an email asking if I could write “the word purple” instead because apparently typing anything else besides what came up when prompted caused issues? Who knows???
The only thing better than getting disqualified from a survey is winning the prize: You get five points for each of your first five surveys that night.
And in my experience, 25 participation points weren’t worth all those headaches!

The payoff

It’s been an incredible week. I spent about an hour on the first day performing MyPoints assignments and earning 758 points (including 30 points when creating an account).
The company doesn’t explain what these numbers imply, but “users can redeem their accrued balances as low as $5 in PayPal,” according to Valley.
If you’re looking specifically for cashback then 3 970 is needed which yields 25$ with each point being worth just over half-a cent!
I earned an average of $1.01 cents per hour, but you might earn more or less depending on your profile questions and earning points while answering them for the best use of time!
I also found a lot better deals with PayPal cash than Points that vary in value at different rates (eBay gift card got me 480 points).
However, one thing is certain: if redeeming through a United MileagePlus account there is a minimum requirement of 6 900 MP+miles required before redemption.
Whereas other methods require significantly lower amounts like 20-50cents.

The verdict

Paid online surveys are not the best way to make money. You could spend hours in front of a computer and only earn enough for one burger!
That said, it is easy to work that can probably be completed while watching TV or doing other tasks around your house.
Such as taking care of two children you might have also at home with you during those times since most moms do more than just answer surveys questions on their computers.
They juggle everything else including cooking meals from scratch sometimes too.
So being able to put together something healthy when needed would really help keep us sane between all these typing sessions.