OneOpinion Review: Online Surveys

OneOpinion is a company that offers online surveys to people who want to make some extra money.

Surveys are usually about 15 minutes and you can get up to $3 per survey.

The site has been around for over 10 years and thousands of people have made their living off of it!

No one likes filling out surveys but they’re quick, easy, and best of all – they pay!

OneOpinion’s long list of benefits includes fast payments, instant rewards, no minimum payout requirements, and no credit card required (use PayPal).

International members accepted (with the exception of the USA), a free sign-up bonus offer upon registration ($5) which will be credited on your first completed survey. Accessible from any device.

What it’s like

OneOpinion has replaced the traditional profile survey with a three-step process.
First, you provide basic information which includes your gender and zip code to see if it’s just possible for them that there may not be enough data available on me.
Yet since I only recently signed up as an online user at their website today but was already filling out some forms before coming here so far (I’m looking forward).
Next comes one or two questions about myself such as asking “What is another name for a baby dog?”
Then finally after going through this questionnaire, they direct all users into taking part in various third-party studies via selecting from different options like social media usage among others depending on what interests you have etcetera.
The surveys on OneOpinion were always engaging and quick. Unlike other aggregators.
I never got sent to a third-party site that kept me waiting as each survey ended before starting another one in its place.
Instead, there was usually some kind of timer so you knew when it would be over for good!

Success rate

Out of 28 surveys I tried, 13 of them qualified. That’s a 46% success rate which is the 2nd highest among all 12 sites we tested!
OneOpinion did a better job at matching my interests and qualifications as they had only sent me surveys that matched what was required on their site.
A single woman in her 20’s living in an urban area who works full time but doesn’t have any children or pets yet plans to start taking care of baby gear soon (just like most millennial moms).
I came across some disqualified survey responses where it appeared as if someone else may’ve filled out one part instead of mine – this still earned 500 points.

The payoff

I qualified for more surveys through OneOpinion than on most sites that award cash value, but redeeming my points was a harder task.
The site has a $25 redemption threshold or 25000 point requirement which is higher than other companies we surveyed and also all the surveys were worth 500 points ($6) OR 1k Points(10%).
In total, I got up to 10 150 of those little sticks which means if you multiply them together they come out at just over 3 dollars an hour!
This makes it one of our fastest earning survey providers.
But not quite enough t0 make me happy with this rate considering how long some people take when cashing these things out after getting so much checking into account in advance only leaving.

The verdict

OneOpinion is a survey site that simplifies the process of taking surveys. It has an extremely low disqualification rate, making it easy and fun to use.
However, this also means One Opinion doesn’t offer as much reward for completing tasks on their platform compared with other sites such as PanelX Uganda which pays its users in cash or Points Worth (PW).
If you’re looking specifically for lower threshold requirements before receiving payment from your online activities then what’s offered by most traditional money-making opportunities out there today.
Then try checking our listicle about sites like these where people can gain access rewards just by filling them out!
OneOpinion may be the only site I ever get spam from, but their emails can seriously clutter up my inbox. When they send me 15 messages in five days it’s tough not to feel like a victim of some kind!
To avoid this problem make sure you have an email address specifically for these kinds of offers and install anti-malware software just in case we end up on one of those “spammy” sites.
Where people sell things falsely claiming them as belonging either by Oneopinion themselves who sent out various amounts over last year (15!), another company name with similar offerings.