Opinion Outpost Review: Online Surveys

Opinion Outpost is one of the most popular survey sites around. It offers an easy way to make money by simply taking surveys and answering some questions.

But how does it compare to other survey sites?

How much can you expect to make with Opinion Outpost, and is there any risk? Read on for my full opinion outpost review!

How Opinion Outpost works

When you sign up for Opinion Outpost, we will provide a dashboard that provides an overview of your accumulated points and links to any personalized information.
Compared with other survey sites’ home pages which bombard users with offers, our website has one button: “Take the Survey!”
You can also access surveys by clicking on multiple emails sent daily from the opinion outpost.
You should never feel rushed while taking a survey.
Before you start, the company will ask for your opinion on some short questions that help make it more enjoyable and increase the chances of earning rewards by answering them correctly (or at least not getting an unfair reply).
The types can change but there is usually one about which ailments do I suffer from?
Opinion Outpost is a company that helps you earn cash for completing surveys.
They have hundreds of different tasks and assignments ranging from logging into your Netflix account to giving feedback on advertisements.
Even taking care of basic demographic questions like age and gender before moving on to more specific inquiries such as income level or lifestyle habits.
Opinion Post offers both online paid task-based opportunities ideal either when working at home (ex: data entry).
But also mobile versions so those who don’t live in one place can still participate!

Success depends on your demographics

I was disqualified from 31 out of the 33 surveys that I attempted.
In every case, they sent my entry into a $10,000 quarterly prize drawing and then made me start over with a few multiple-choice questions followed by another survey!
I always had so much fun filling out those 34 questionnaires because it felt like an adventure until eventually got rejected again.
Or having to repeat some sections due to not qualifying for this month’s payout (which can happen if your answers aren’t good enough).
It really just depends on how lucky you want/need t be-whether trying more often might help too?
Surveys are an easy and quick way to make money. You can sign up for surveys on websites like Survey Junkie or I Heart Surveys (they’re my personal favorites!).
In less than 5 minutes, you could be earning cash while helping out important organizations by filling in questions about their products/services that they need to be answered!
If we take a closer look at how these companies work – which is the only way we will know if our profile fits what’s needed- then let me tell ya.
There might not always be one answer as it depends entirely upon who creates said questionnaire.
Some require very little information but others ask all sorts of specific details regarding age range + education level.

The payoff: $1.50 per hour

Points can be exchanged for cash, MileagePlus miles, and other prizes through PayPal.
You also have the option of trading your points in on a prize drawing at $10Kor donating them to charity!
The best part about earning Loyalty Points Online is that there’s no limit as long you’re willing to work hard by taking surveys every now again.
Seriously though,80 points were all it took me before they converted into something usable like dollars which means 10 cents per point earned after five hours spent online doing stuff with my mouse (which might sound boring but trust me: even though this may seem tedious sometimes our hands get tired).
Not including the bonus, that worked out to be $7.50 total and 50 cents per hour or less than a penny an hour!
Opinion Outpost requires you earn 55 points in order for them to redeem your Amazon gift card with a 10 point-per-$1 conversion rate.
So after I earned those few more it turned into 5 dollars worth of amazon credit which arrived in my inbox within days – amazing right?

A suitable option — for a survey site

Online surveys are one way to make some quick cash, but they’re not ideal.
There are many other ways that can provide you with more money in a shorter amount of time and less hassle than taking online surveys for hours on end waiting for them to pay anything substantial.
Since most only reward around 12 cents per survey which isn’t really worth it when there’s an easier alternative out there just look elsewhere.
If you’re trying to get anything done, online polls shouldn’t be your first choice because these types of opportunities don’t often come up again once someone finishes.