Proven Ways To Earn Bitcoin On Android

I’m going to share with you a few of my favorite ways to earn bitcoin on Android.

I have been earning crypto for about 2 years now and I have done so by mining, trading, and also using my phone. You can do the same!

You Can Earn Bitcoin On Android By These Simple Methods Instantly

Earn Bitcoin On Android

Free Bitcoin

A lot of Bitcoin apps pay their users for reviewing products, playing games, and leaving reviews.

Free bitcoin pays separately for each task you do with the app.

So if it’s just an hour-long activity that takes up your time like watching videos or writing articles then there won’t be any extra compensation other than earning 250 Satoshi per minute while on duty!

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But what happens when someone spends hours+ doing something special?

They get rewarded too 😉 Once 20k satoshi are accumulated in total balance from all these activities we’ll send them over straight onto one exchange wallet where they can redeem themselves at whatever rate suits best 🙂


StormX is the newest way to mine cryptocurrency on your Android device.

You can earn Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more through app-based games as well as reviews of popular apps like Instagram or Facebook.*

Mining has never been easier! With Storm, X mining becomes fun with thousands of items in our online store that are powered by cryptocurrency (Bitcoin/Litecoin).

Now you don’t have to wait for those precious bitcoins when buying something good because we’ll pay out instantly into any major credit card format too so go ahead.

Indulge yourself today while there’s still some money leftover from last week’s grocery bill.

Blockchain Game

Blockchain Game is a fun and engaging way to earn free cryptocurrencies! You can get paid for doing micro-tasks such as reviews, surveys, or Bitcoin games.

Like the Free Bitcoin app on your phone, it will let you redeem coins when having more than 20 thousand Satoshi in account with the Blockchain game.


Trading is one of the best ways to earn bitcoins on android. But you’ll need some know-how before it pays off: opening and closing trades, making profitable investments with Binance.

This crypto trading platform offers advanced prediction tools so that even newcomers can make huge profits!

It’s also got apps for all popular operating systems like iOS & Android as well as windows (PC), which makes it easy enough for anyone who has an access internet connection.

Binance provides dedicated applications for every major device type out there including laptops/ PCs in order to help traders.

Everywhere take advantage of their unique market insights without having any technical skills required whatsoever.


Coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to trade over 100 cryptocurrencies for your local currency.

Unlike other exchanges, it offers both mobile apps and websites as well as a web interface for its users who want access from anywhere in the world via their PC or Mac computers.

Coinbase Pro provides investments for companies looking to get into cryptocurrency without having any technical knowledge needed whatsoever– all they need are funds approved by banks!

Some large names have already used the service successfully, including Expedia Inc., Dish Network Corporation, and others.

There’s no knowing how much money will be made when we see these corporate people join on board soon enough.

Conclusion paragraph: If you want to get started earning bitcoin on Android, there are a few proven ways to do so.

One of the most popular is the Binance app where users can earn up to $200 worth of bitcoins per day by playing games or watching videos.

You also have the option of completing offers and surveys in exchange for bitcoin rewards from CoinAdder which pays out in both cash and Bitcoin.

These days, the possibilities for earning cryptocurrency using your smartphone appear to be endless!