Survey Junkie Review

Survey Junkie is a site that has been designed with the express purpose to make completing surveys easy and rewarding.

The clean dashboard, fair point system, and well-vetted survey query all contribute to an enjoyable experience.

While also providing valuable feedback on your demographic profile so you can increase sales!

However, if we’re being honest here… Survey junkies like us love getting our rewards as much or more than anything else.

But it does mean spending some time (and points) before redemption which could jeopardize someone’s account inactivity threshold – though not mine personally 😉

Survey Junkie is unlike any survey site I have ever seen.

It feels more of an aggregator than a traditional one, and it offers some familiar names from Ipsos i-Say (a polling firm) as well VIP Voice.

It was surprisingly easy to get onto their site after qualifying for surveys through other means!

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The extensive profile survey helps Survey Junkie find high-quality surveys you’re interested in taking while giving back 25 points just by signing up with them.

There are 50 points if they can convince us that we qualify based on our demographic information given during signup or registration time periods.

whereupon completion all users will receive another 100 Valued Opinions Points added automatically into your account balance when logged on.

I qualified for surveys by Survey Junkie and it usually took less time than estimated. I found the main site’s user interface welcoming.

So even when disqualified from one survey in a looping sequence of third-party sites like other similar websites do.

Which didn’t happen often enough to make this more than just an occasional inconvenience on my end, things went smoothly as can be expected with their great customer service!

Success rate

Out of 63 surveys, I qualified for 12. This is a 19% success rate—a number that could have been affected by many factors including my age or location in urban areas like where I live now (and not being single didn’t help).
When compared to other sites with different qualifications requirements such as buying habits versus preferences regarding TV shows and movies.
It seems like Survey Junkie has lower limits on what qualifies you so there’s never any guarantee except trying over again until getting disqualified from one – but don’t worry if you’re left out!
You still get three points just because we asked anyway which means your efforts will count even.

The payoff

I found it easier to earn points on Survey Junkie than on any other site, but the rewards are hard-earned.
With a $10 redemption threshold or 1k pts. they’re worth only cents each and you have 5 hours max before needing more cash?
75c outta my hour came from signup bonus which is kind of nice considering how long I’ve been playing around with this app under different names etc.
Not sure if there was some recent change in policy where now instead of paying per click it’s all commission-based.
I kept taking surveys after the five-hour limit, and when I reached $10 in earnings it was easy to redeem my purchase.
The marketplace is straightforward with all cash values assigned rather than points so there are no confusion about what you are buying or how much things cost!
Customer service responded within a few hours but asked me for personal information that they said would be needed “to prevent dishonest activity.”
Once given this info along with proof of address (which fortunately wasn’t very complicated), customers can get their rewards on time without hassle.

The verdict

Survey Junkie is an excellent site for getting paid to do surveys.
The well-designed platform, straightforward rewards system, and better vetting process make it one of my top recommendations when compared with other sites I have used in the past.
However, there isn’t a lot you can really earn on this website so if that’s not what interests you then we recommend checking out our roundup where some more financially viable options are available!
Consider creating a second email account, especially for these sites, regardless of which one you attempt.
Survey Junkie sent me 22 emails over five days and they can really clutter your personal inbox if not dealt with properly!
Be sure to install some anti-malware software so that an aggregator takes to take you on the wrong path to spammy content.
Remember also never click links in unknown mail or messages as this could lead to downloading malware onto your device without consent first (and there are plenty more things like this).