Top 10 Highest Paying Legit Data Entry Job Websites-(Onlineearning4u)

Top 10 Highest Paying Legit Data Entry Job Websites-(Onlineearning4u)

highest paying legit data entry job websites
highest paying legit data entry job websites

Data entry job is one of the best ways to earn money online.It is a home-based job.You will be given an assignment by job provider in which you may be asked to work in the textual or numeric form.

You have to complete your task at given time.most of the time you have to complete a customer survey forms, tracking of credit card and debit card transactions, entries for medical, life, housing and auto motor claim forms, legal services and the like.




 There are two types of data entry job

  1. online data entry: In this type of data entry job we have to work for our client or company with an active online connection.
  2. Offline data entry job: You may work for company or client with or without an internet connection by using a software which does not need any active connection.


Data entry job is one of the most preferred home based jobs. There are many reasons why most people want to do data entry job.

  • First of all, there are many organizations or companies which are want to modify their existing data that is why they offer some amount of money to replace some fresh data.
  • Data entry job is one of the most comfortable based jobs.You can do this job from anywhere in the world.You can do this job from your home.No need to go to the office on a daily basis.
  • One more important thing is that data entry job does not need the high skilled worker.You just need some basic skills about internet and computer for this job.
  • No need to go out and do hard work.You just have to sit in your chair and work with comfort.
  • You will be paid a decent hourly rate for this job.




There are thousands of websites which offer data entry jobs.But most of them are fake and scam sites.So before start working find out that site is a legit site or not.

The sites which demand huge amount for sign up are fake and scam sites.Be aware of them.they offer a high amount of payment for your work but, they will not give you any single penny.

Top 10 Highest Paying Legit Data Entry Job Websites-(Onlineearning4u)

These all sites are legit, trusted and paying sites.You can trust them.We have tested them before listing them as a legit site.

  1. FIVERR:

It is one of the most trusted and largest sites for digital products and service selling marketplace.Here you can sell anything worldwide for a minimum of $5.Here you can sell your data entry skills for $5 or more.

You just have to create a professional profile. You can sell any type of data entry services like MS word, MS excel, web research, content management, and copy-pasting.Here you can earn lots of money if you are highly skilled professional.


It is one of the largest online and offline part time job provider site in the USA.They provide over four million part-time jobs per month to job seekers.You can sign up for free.

Here you will find online and offline jobs.You can apply for all the jobs which match your profile.You can use the search and location filters to find out your suitable job.You just have to click on the apply button you are interested in.

Read all the terms and conditions provided by advertisers before applying.If you have the full qualifications then apply for that job.The employer will verify your profile.If your profile will be interested in them then, they will hire you on hourly work or part-time/ full-time work.


It is an online image to text conversion data entry job.The employee will be paid for every correct image to conversion.It is a very simple job.

The member must be capable of solving a five letter captcha within 50 seconds to qualify.You can earn 50 cents to one dollar for typing  1000 captcha which may take one hour to complete.You will earn less than other data entry job.

It is a good option for unskilled people.Because it is very simple and you can fill as many captchas as you want.That is why we have listed this site at the second no from our top 10 highest paying legit data entry job websites.Minimum payout is $1.You can withdraw your amount through PayPal, payza, perfect money, Payoneer, etc.


It is one of the most trusted sites.That is why we have listed it at no four from our Top 10 Highest Paying Legit Data Entry Job Websites.Here clients posts tasks called HITs which can be done by the human, not by the computers.

The tasks may be data processing tasks, data conversions tasks etc.Here tasks are so simple any person can do it and can earn money.AMAZON M TURK posts lots of tasks every day so one can do this job as a full-time job.

There are two methods of payout.You can withdraw your amount from a bank account or through Amazon gift card.


Upwork is the largest freelance marketplace where millions of freelancer find a job.Here employers post their jobs and freelancer find a job very easily.thousands of jobs are posted on daily basis.

The freelancer can submit the proposal to get the relevant job.You just have to sign up for an account and complete your profile with a good looking photo of yours.

Upwork will not allow a freelancer to apply for a job with an incomplete profile.There is a high competition there.You have to create a strong profile to get a job.


This is one of the most trusted and high paying data entry site.Here you can earn lots of money if you are highly professional.One just has to sign up for free and make the profile very strong.

Here employers post their projects with some details.workers have to bid over it at a given time.Workers have to offer their budget and timeframe.Some employers need outline proposals.

If they will be satisfied with your work and requirements then they will give you project.You may get hourly basis or part-time/full-time projects here.


This is one of the best options for data entry job.This is one of the highest paying legit data entry job websites.Here you can sign up for free.This website works as Fiverr.You just have to fill a strong profile.

Here you can post any offer for you as well as you can bid on any given projects from employers.


This is a USA based website.It offers part-time and full-time data entry jobs.You will have to sign up for an account.Just complete your profile.

You will find thousands of data entry jobs daily.Try to make your resume strong.You can apply for those jobs which are according to your qualifications.


This site offers many things for clients.They claim they have more than one million workers around the world.Here clients can get workers for their web research, texts, surveys, product data management, external form etc projects.

You can sign up as a data entry worker in and can earn some extra money for you.


This is a Britains website.This is at the 10th no from our list of highest paying legit data entry job websites.You can sign up here and can get star working as a data entry worker.You just have to fill your profile completely.

Buyers will contact and the website will give you an assignment.You will be paid when you will finish your task.



These were top 10 highest paying legit data entry websites.We have tried our best to give our readers authentic information.

If we have missed something you can tell us in the comment box.If you have any suggestion or question you may ask in comment box.




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