Top 15 Highest Paying Testing Website Companies-Earn Visiting Websites

Top 15 Highest Paying Testing Website Companies
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Top 15 Highest Paying Testing Website Companies-Earn Visiting Websites

As a website owner, I always want to know that when I post something on my website. What do people think about it? Does my article is a visitor friendly? Does my site is easily navigable? It’s contents are valuable for my visitors or not.

My article is clear and understandable. This is where companies need website tester. Companies wats to make their website and products accessible to everyone.

That is why they pay to test website. Before we start our Top 15 Highest Paying Testing Website Companies. Let us learn some basic things.



What Is Website Testing:

Website testing is a method in which, someone who has no any direct link to that website spends time in testing the website. Website tester checks site contents, navigational system, look clarity of site brands/products etc.

They give their feedback about the site’s functionality and the appeal of the site. They get some money for that feedback.


The Need For Website Tester:

Nowadays every company big or small have online shops. They are spending thousands of dollars to make a website which portrays a good image of their product. They spend on contents, design, domain names, SSL certificate etc.

Companies pay these expenses only to increase their business. Now they want to check the website’s performance and quality that is why they pay to website tester.


How Much Website Tester Can Earn:

Companies which offer website testing does not give you the high price for your feedback. You can earn $15-30 for a single website but it is very rare. It is a part-time job. You cannot make it a full-time job.

You can earn some extra money for your vacations. Most of the website testing lasts for 15 to 30 minutes. Some can be completed within 10 minutes. The more you have are experienced, the more you will get money.

You will get your payment within 4-5 days, or some sites pay after 21 days when the project has been completed. In every company, you will find different timeframe for payment. But they all pay through PayPal.Some of them use skrill and Payoneer too.

Most of the time, website testing opportunities are sent to you via email addresses.You have to claim the test in order to gain access.You have to compete with other testers so be active.



What Are Requirements?

  • Internet connection with the fast speed
  • Fluency in the English language
  • Microphone
  • Desktop or laptop with Windows 7 or newer installed
  • Webcam
  • Some companies may ask you to give one simple test to qualify for the website tester.
  • Above all, you have to be confident


Top 15 Highest Paying Testing Website Companies



It is a UK based website. The reason we have listed it on the first website from our Top 15 Highest Paying Testing Website Companies is that it is a little bit different from other sites. It pays you to test those sites which are not gone live. You have to test them before launch. You have to give your feedback on those sites.

The sign-up process is very simple. You can apply for this site within 5 minutes. If your account is approved. You will be said to give a test and to download a screen recorder.

You will get new tests via emails. Every month you can get 2 to 3 tests. Your payment will be sent to you on the 25th of every month.



It is the most trusted site for website tester.World’s most famous brands like facebook, apple, Microsoft, etc, use this site on regular basis to test their websites, new features, and many more things. As a website tester, you will get $10 via PayPal for every 20-minute video you complete.

In most cases, you have to visit websites or apps. You have to complete different tasks. You will be required to speak loud as you navigate the website pages. How much you will earn depends on your demography factor and quality ratings.



This is also one of the most legit sites for website testers. You can sign up for free. You just have to complete simple tests to qualify. If you will qualify that test then you will be given website tests. You have to visit websites and have spoken loud which you are experiencing.

So you have to be confident when you are doing this task. You can earn $10 for 20-minute work. You will get a few tests each week. Payment is sent to you through PayPal on every Friday.



Userlytics is also very famous for website testing services. Here you do not have to give any sample test to qualify. Everyone, from any country, can signup for this company. When you will do your task you will be recorded which is uncomfortable for more people.

One more downside of this website is that it only pays when clients rate your test positively. It means every time, you have to give your best to get money from the company.



This is one of the most simple and easiest company, we have listed this company at the number 5 from our list of top 15 highest paying testing website companies. Through this company, you can complete website testing tasks. It offers different tasks, which can be completed only in one minute.

The best part of this company is that you do not need to use your computer or laptop. You can complete your tasks through your cell phones, iPods, etc. You will be paid through PayPal.



This is one of the most challengable sites for the tester. You have to give feedback, but it does not mean that you will be paid. There are many website testers which do the same tasks.

The company only accept 2 feedbacks and will pay them. If you are selected, then you can earn $5 for every task. Payment method is Paypal.



If you are an experienced person in testing websites, then you can earn more money from this company. You can earn $10 for every 10-20 minutes tasks.

They offer different languages tasks. Try to mention all the languages, which you know better. When your test is approved, you will get your money through PayPal.



This is also a UK-based company and one of the highest paying testing website companies.It accepts website tester from all around the world. So everyone can apply for the registration. You just have to register your self and download and install a reviewing software. After submitting a sample review, you can be a qualified tester.

This review checks your audio quality. This can take 5 minutes to complete. If you are selected, then you can complete more tasks. They offer $10 for most of the tasks. You will be paid through your PayPal account in 2 business days.



This is also a good rating website through which, you can earn some extra money by giving feedback to apps, websites, and products. You can get 5 or more tasks every month.

Depending on your experience, demography, quality of work and interests. Once you have completed your task. You will be paid after 7 days through PayPal.



This is one of the best and highest paying website testing company from our list of top 15 highest paying testing website companies. You can earn $50 for every issue you will find in games, apps, websites or brands.

If you can not find any issue, then you can earn money by giving the rating to the products or apps. You can sign up for free. You just have to register and add all your devices. You will get the invitation via email for your first test.

When you will find a bug in apps, games or websites, then you will be paid through PayPal, Payoneer, skrill or bank account. The invitation you will receive depends on your qualifications, interests, devices you have. If you will complete a task with great numbers, you will get more expensive tasks.



Here you can earn money by sharing your experience. You just have to give feedback about products and you will be paid. You just have to register and submit a sample study.

If your account gets approved, you will be paid for recorded studies and surveys. You can earn $10 for recorded studies, and $5 for every survey.

One downside of this company is the time frame for payment. You will get your payment within 21 days of completion of your tasks.



This is Also one of the highest paying testing website companies. This company is especially for mobile users. You can earn money by using your cell phones. You just have to complete simple tasks and, you will get your amount.

It is working in more than 185 countries. worldwide. So you can trust this company.



This is an app testing company. You just have to register for free. You will be notified of tasks via email when they will be available.

According to this company, if you will complete the first 5 tasks, then you will be paid more money for coming tasks.



This is the company where you can earn through giving your feedback. You can register for free. You will get your tasks via email.

If you will complete your tasks, you will get money. You can earn $10 for every task. Tasks can be completed within 15 minutes.



Earn by testing websites. We have listed this at 15 number from our top 15 highest paying testing website companies. You can earn from this website $50 for every testing studies. Register with the company. You will get tasks through the same process as mentioned above. You will be paid through PayPal.




If you want to earn more from these highest paying testing website companies than you should note these points. Testing others website is a fun. Nowadays more people are getting interested in this field. So if you are planning to be a website tester then we will suggest you something to note.

  • Sign up for all above-mentioned websites. You will get more opportunities.
  • When you are completing your sample task. Try to give your best. Because your future tasks depend on this task.
  • Be active. When you get an email for the task try to complete it as soon as possible. Most companies offer first come, first served policy.
  • Do not try to complete your test very fast. Try to give all the details which clients are searching for. If your test will be complete you will get more opportunities in the future.
  • This is not a full-time job. So do not expect much money from website testing. You can expect $2000 from this job. You can earn $200 per month if you are a more focused, experienced and hard worker.


This was all about top 15 highest paying testing website companies. Hope you like this article. Any suggestion or question can be asked in comments.







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